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Nu Skin AP24 Whiterning Toothpaste Review

I tried using Nu Skin #AP24WhiteningToothpaste but to be honest, my teeth did not turn that white nor made any significant change in the color. I kept on checking it on the mirror and comparing it with previous shots but seems like nothing had improved until...

How Did Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste Help Me?

I was thinking that it is actually a useless buy and I wasted my money on this toothpaste, however, I did discover positive changes. I remembered what my dentist told me back then that my teeth is naturally yellowish and that, a yellowish tooth does not mean that it is unhealthy.

So what did change?
  1. The swelling of my gums was eliminated and despite using a hard toothbrush it no longer bleeds.
  2. My mouth smells better and longer compared to the usual toothpaste.
  3. I no longer have to deal with sticky and dry mouth.

I think among the three above, the removal of the swelling of my gums is very evident from the before and after.  As you can see the gums encroaching my teeth from top and bottom were seen on the before photo.  In the after photo, you can barely notice them.  It was a good thing because it means Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste made my gums healthy again.

In the end, it's not all about color but the added benefits I experienced from AP24.

Thanks, PJ Arcellana for introducing me to this product. You can contact him via Facebook or Instagram for your orders and inquiries.

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