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Let's Help You Get Connected with Converge

I have suffered some of the worst internet experience in the last 7 years from Bayantel to Globe to PLDT and now I am using converge.  I was before contented with the 2Mbps connection of Bayantel way back 2014 and then Globe took over which brings me to the worst experience with Globe. After that, I managed to transfer to PLDT and it was good until this year when I found out something wrong with my connection.

This time, as a Converge subscriber, I want to make the most out of this new connection and help others as well.  I know that still, they may not be the best but they are trying to be the best.  Let us help you get connected with Converge and become their subscriber as well.

Why Choose Converge?

Why should you choose Converge ICT? Well, for one reason that their facilities are relatively newer compared to PLDT plus they have relatively more affordable subscription plans than the other telcos.

In fact, our NAP or the connection to our house is a lot near compared with former ISPs PLDT and Globe.  They also have this app which you can download and is more intuitive and user-friendly to customers than the other providers.

Note, that this blog and post is NOT SPONSORED by Converge ICT Solutions.  I am not working for them as well.  I would like to just share this good news with everyone.  More competitors in the market mean better service.

My Converge Speed on FIBERX 2500

What about DITTO, perhaps you would ask.  Well, the fact is most companies which are from mainland China are owned by the government, so it will be the last thing to trust them.

What about Elon Musk's satellite internet? Well, I am not a fan of it because just imagine having 12,000 artificial satellites in our planet's orbit, that would be a developing catastrophe for our planet.  Watch, Space Sweepers and you would know what I am talking about.

How Do I Apply for Converge?

We can help you assess your location and refer you to them.  All you have to do is fill out the form below:

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