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Moca Moca App Problems and Complaints

Moca Moca App Problems?

Have you heard about Moca Moca App? You might get across this online lending app at some point while browsing Facebook since they had been so aggressive at advertising on the platform.  This is an app that claims to provide you with quick loans online whenever you need them but are they legit and legal? What do people say about them?

My Encounter with Moca Moca App

I got a chance to see this app when I did click on their ad and became curious about them.  I checked on how much I can loan.  It says you can repay from 3 months to 12 months at easy installment terms.  While checking the amount that I can loan and then clicking the next step, the app then told me that they are now sending Php1,300 to my account and I have to repay Php2,100 in 7 days. 

What? I had to repay Php2,100 while I only received Php1,300? That's a whopping 800 pesos in advance charges and interest which constitutes 40% of the loan plus they even added Php100 to your original loan of Php2,000.

I was so frustrated that I immediately reviewed their app on Google Play giving them 1 star and posted on my official Facebook page about the ongoing scam of this app.  That's when more people are revealed to have been fooled by Moca Moca as more and more people commented on my post telling about the horror stories they have with this online lending app.

Alas, my loan is due and a representative called me.  I specifically told the person calling that I am recording her call, I did not take out a loan since they fooled me during the process and I will not be paying them back. The conversation lasted about 3 minutes and since then about 2 weeks had passed until now, they had not called me again.  Once they call, I will record the conversation again.

What Needs to be Done?

Someone should definitely file a complaint whether with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), or with all of them.

What they are doing by harassing people and duping them to get a loan with very high interest is definitely illegal.  Another thing that is definitely against the law is the fact that this app will hijack your contact details and contact them if you will not pay the loan.  That same hijacked contacts might also be sold to other apps and then they will be contacted offering different things.

I also noticed that various other loan apps are also contacting me and calling me and saying the loan is ready for me but the thing is I did not even apply for a loan with them.

Here is what I am seeing:

  1. This company is violating the Lending Law with its very high-interest rate and its method of deceiving people through its app.
  2. I found out that it is sharing the personal information they get with other similar loan apps which is a violation of the PH Data Privacy Act.
  3. Accessing all of your contacts and details without your direct consent is illegal as well.
  4. Are they even registered with the SEC and the BSP?

Sign the Online Petition to Shutdown Abusive Online Lending Apps (OLA)

An ongoing petition at Bataris.org is calling on the government to shut down tons of Online Lending Apps (OLA) for being abusive and charging over-the-top interest rates.  The list includes the following:

Sign the Online Petition to Shutdown Abusive Online Lending Apps (OLA)

We call for an end to the operation of these abusive online lending apps, which threaten, embarrass, intimidate, and cause utter grief to the unfortunate victims.

    1. PesoQ
    2. PesoCash
    3. JuanHand
    4. Halika Cash
    5. Well Cash
    6. Php Pocket
    7. Rapid Peso
    8. VPeso
    9. YoPeso
    10. Zippeso
    11. Zippeso VIP
    12. PesoIn
    13. CocoPeso
    14. Binhi
    15. PesoHere
    16. TakeCash
    17. Cashme
    18. Zora Cash
    19. Taga Cash
    20. AntWallet
    21. KusogPera
    22. PediCash
    23. OLP
    24. Madaloan
    25. Pautang online
    26. Fast Cash
    27. Cashin
    28. SpendCash
    29.  Honeyloan
    30. Opeso
    31. LPeso
    32. PesoPlus
    33. ZadaCash
    34. Cashbee
    35. CashG
    36. Bigloan
    37. Cocopeso
    38. Moneycat
    39. Kuyaloan
    40. Upeso
    41. Happy Pera
    42. Surity
    43. Eborrow
    44. Halika Cash
    45. Topeso
    46. PANALO Loan
    47. Firstcash
    48. Pesopocket
    49. Peranyo
    50. MocaMoca
    51. Pondo Cash
    52. Wow Pera
    53. Wow Pera VIP
    54. finupp
    55. Okpeso
    56. Ourcash
    57. Insta Cash
    58. Loanmoto
    59. Eperash
    60. Rushloan
    61. ASAP
    62. Cash Go
    63. Snapera
    64. Online Loan Pilipinas
    65. Digido
    66. Cashwill

What's your Experience with Moca Moca App?

Here are some of the people who shared their experiences about Moca Moca App and since my post is public I am posting the screenshots here as well.  

Have you had the same experience with Moca Moca App or other similar online lending apps? It would be good to share this post and comment about your experience as well.

We published an "FAQ on What Do You Do If You Are a Victim of Moca-Moca or Online Lending Apps Scam?" click this link to read.

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  1. This is my 1st time loaning and I encounter this kind of attitudea they keep on harassing me to pay my due date even if I havent even received a peny in their loan app. They keep on contacting my own contact list they save it all in their data and gave me a public humiliation and false accusation to my contact list that I dont pay their loan and just hide ! Why would I hide or pay them if I didnt even received a single peny in their loan app. They even threat me ! Thats why I want to report and bring this app down again .

  2. This is my 1st time loaning and I encounter this kind of attitudea they keep on harassing me to pay my due date even if I havent even received a peny in their loan app. They keep on contacting my own contact list they save it all in their data and gave me a public humiliation and false accusation to my contact list that I dont pay their loan and just hide ! Why would I hide or pay them if I didnt even received a single peny in their loan app. They even threat me ! Thats why I want to report and bring this app down again .

    1. Mam ano po ba dapat gawin? Huhu same case po

  3. Grabe sila kala mo ndi babayaran kung tawagan Ang mga contact sa sim ko khit ndi un Ang representative ko sa knila.dapat nmn pinagbibigyan Ng pangalawa pagkataon at wag sila mamahiya

  4. Ask ko lang po is it even legal na mag patong Sila Ng 7% interest sa loan na tulad sa iba was given to me when I was just trying to know how much I can loan sa app nila. The same Po sa iba 1300 lang Yung send nila sa gcash ko tapos 2010 Yung dapat ko daw bayaran and if I recall correctly sa loan application ko I have made a two weeks term to pay. Pero sa first week pa lang Ng loan nag patong na Sila Ng 7% interest and last time I check kailangan Kona daw bayaran ay 2860 ba sa loan na 1300 na pinadala nila. Can someone help me na mareklamo Sila sa sec? I am willing to pay the 2010 loan payment pero Yung 2860 it's way too much.

  5. Ako dn po ay isa sa ginigipit ni moca moca kasi po ay 1 day over due sa aking loan sa knila ngkakahalaga ng 1390 at nadagdagn ng penalty na 70 pesos kya ang total ay 1460.hnd pa ako nakabayad sa knila dahil sa ako ay na scammed ng amazon task platform.kya nakiusap aq ng maayos na bigyn pa aq ng konting panahon para makapgbayad.pero sinabi nila sa akin na bibigyan nila aq ng hanggang 5pm today.kng hnd dw ay tatawag sila sa mga reference contact na binigay q sa knila pero hnd lng un ang knila tinwagan pati wala sa reference contact na binigay q sa knila ay tinawagan nila at sinabi na may utang aq sa knila.tama ba ung ganun?ano po kya mabuting gawin?

    1. Nkakainis po ung moca moca lakas magpahiya

    2. Totoo po grabi po talaga sila makapag treat na e papahiya daw ako sa Facebook friends ko kung hindi po ako maka pag bayad sa kanila

  6. ang friend ko ma victim din nila, nag register lng sa app nila, ayun may utang na pala na 1,300 at magbabayad 2,000+. Before sa sinasabing due date, gusto e return ng kaibigan ko ang loan, pero hindi na sila nagreply. Ngayon tinatawagan lahat ng kontak. Nagulat nga ako kasi tinawagan ako dahil may babayaran daw friend ko. Sabi ng friend ko scam yon! Marami na pala silang nabiktima. Dapat lng talaga matigil na sila!

    1. Pano pag dimo sila binayaran?

    2. I have a problem right now I loan a money which 3k but the money I received is 1700+ then I paid right away to not delayed my payment because of high interest and then now they randomly send a 3k to my GCash account for another loan which I not aware then now I have to pay 7k plus my question is it’s okey if I don’t pay moca moca because this is a fucking scam how come they get me a loan a 3k but I have to pay a 7k plus guys can you help me what should I do with this


  7. This is a sample email of MocaOca lending app... There are threats and other violations also...

    Good day!

    I would like to inform you that your account is under observation. If no payment today the Legal office may take actions and you maybe on the list of CIC which your name will be block list and you cannot apply to any lending companies including SSS. Base on the contract you signed. Our legal team may sent you demand letter because you have breach the contract you sign for.

    1. Conducting investigation
    2. Coordinating with your Barangay Officials for possible field visit
    3. Reaching you through your work number
    4. Possible transmitting of negative report to CIC (Credit Information Corporation) that may affect your future applications with other companies who use CIC credentials as basis for approval.

    1. THE 2016 REVISED RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASES ; 2. Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippine Constitution (ESTAFA CASE).; article 315 ( breach of contract) ;3. Contract of LOAN. .4. Fraudster

    Note: Our Company is taking strict action when it comes to delayed payment settlement.

    1. Nakatanggap din ako ng ganitong email galing sa MOCA-MOCA should I be worried about this?

    2. I want to know how did mocamoca is dealing with right now with you? Ano po ginawa nilang aksyon?

    3. ganito din ang nangyari sakin, nag se-send sila ng ganitong message sa gmail ko without knowing na kahit piso wala akong na re-receive na pera galing nila. NAPAKA SCAM! KAILANGAN PATO MA BANNED

  8. I am a first timer in OLA and i install MOCAMOCA LENDING APP because their ads is so attractive and i borrow 2000 and they only sent me 1300? Why? so i paid it I'm fully paid for my first loan, but they automatically send 3000 in my gcash account, i don't even reloan the worst is i need to repay 2330 2x and now is my due date they calling me and all my contacts even i don't give my contacts to them it's just 1day overdue, MOCAMOCA agent said 'you need to pay all of this i don't care who you are just pay this, i have all your information i will post it and send to your family and friends ' they automatic turn my account reloan with dual loan. Please help me I'm only just a student, I don't have income i experience a lot of financial problem.:(

  9. Hello po need ko sana humingi Nang tulong may due date po kasi ako ngayon then nabasa ko mga reviews about sa moca moca na uninstalled ko bigla yung app at na block yung mga calls yung hindi naka registered. Ang taas kasi Nang interest nila eh di ko kayang bayarin macontact parin po ba nila yung mga number dito sa contacts ko? Pa help sana baka kasi tawagan nila yung mga contact number dito eh.

  10. Grabe po Ang tubo ng moca moca 7% kada araw Ang laki pa ng kaltas nila ng mahiram ako na iscam po ito 2330 Ang kaylangan ngayon na going 2800

    1. I canceled my loan in MOCA MOCA at the first. And then nagolat nalang ako na bigla ako Naka tangap ng 1000 pesos sa gcash ko kahit na na canceled kona ito at ang lake ng interest Nila 7% and you must to pay only for 7 days at tanong lang po makakasohan ba ako pag hindi ko ito binayaran?

  11. Hi po. Nagreformat ng phone yung friend ko, maaccess pa rin ba nila phone niya? Balak niyang di na magbayad kasi naoahiya na siya

    1. any update on this? ngbayad ba sya?

    2. Hello may update po ba?

  12. Isa din Ako sa biktima Ng Mocamoca apps na toh , nong ika-cancel Kona Hindi ma cancel agad agad nasend Yung Pera sa G-Cash ko . Ang laki Ng interest subra pa sa bumbay kung Maka interest , are they illegal??

  13. I had a loan with them and paid it 1 day before my due date pero my payment did not reflect in their app. They still kept on calling me and my contacts. and their agent even said "sumakit sana tyan mo hanggang sa mamatay ka" I sent my proof of payment several times to different agents pero hindi tlg nila inuupdate na paid na ako. SCAM!

  14. This my first na umutang then na late lang ako for two days the calling all my contacts on my phone even i did not input any of my contact then they contacted me on my fb please help me

  15. Ako,. Dn , Tina tawagan,. Agad Yung reference ko,. Tinatakot na ipapakulong dw., NILA , Sana makipag usap nalang Ng maayos., I have the same job with them as debt collector ., Pero pinupuntahan,. Nmin Ang client at kinakausap,. Hindi Namin , tinatakot , para mag bayad., Kasi bawal Yun,. Sa company nmin,. Hindi Namin finoforce,. Binibigyan,. Namin Sila Ng chance., Kasi baka gpit lang sila ngayun

  16. Nakapag loan ako once sa MOCA-MOCA pero nabayaran ko na and I never try to reloan because of high interest pero this pass days lang all my save contacts received a non stop calls in regards to a loan under my name na nag due date na raw and there blackmailling na pag d daw nakapagbayad ayy eh sa-submit name ko sa investigation team nila for investigation and worst may papapuntahin daw sila sa place ko to collect the said amount.

    1. ako din tumawag din cla sa contacts ko, laki ng interest nila half sa hihiramin mo, paano bayan na hindi na cla makapag access sa contacts natin, pamamahiya lng cla prang scammers

  17. I have encountered an issue with MOCA-MOCA saying that i have never paid my loan and they are calling all the contacts on my phone book saying that i have not paid well in fact I received a notification that I paid it off and i never reloan again.

  18. i had the same experience just today. i dont know if I should just pay the processesed loan. i even tried to contact customer service to cancel it but it was still processes please help me and tell me what should i do now. the loan was about 2750 and the amounth credited to my ewallet was only 1800.

  19. ang tindi ng tubo nila lalo kang mababaon sa utang mag bombay ka na lng di na ito makatao


  21. I used Moca Moca Loan App when I tried to look for a easier way to Loan app when I had an emergency. I didn't realize that the interest was too high, it's too late when I check that I had to pay in double of the loan amount for 7 days only. When the due date came, I had no money to pay it yet because my salary will be the day after tomorrow, so I was 1 day delayed. Now, I couldn't answer their calls because I'm at work, after my shifts most of my contacts texting me and messaging that Moca Moca agents were calling them and threating them as well.

    1. did you repay your loan after? did they still call your contacts?

  22. I used Moca Moca app too. But it has to high interest. 2100 lang ang natanggap ko still I need to pay 3070 and has a 7% interest if I didnt pay the exact amount within 10 days. Ang dami dami na ding nagtetext sakin na mga loaning app na nag ooffer ng loan. Specially the Pesocash and digido app. Meron na ding unknown contact numbers from different loaning app na nagtetext sakin. They offered me a load for about 30,000 and above. Don't know when they get my contact number. But it starts when I loan in Moca Moca. Now I have a doubt if I will pay them or not. Hyss so stressfull. How can I delete my account to their app? Anyone can help me?

  23. I also had the same experience. I already paid 3 times because after paying the first loan I was shock to receive a money I my account which I did not apply for. And now I have to pay for the 3rd time. I was planning not to pay again and uninstall the app because they started calling the number in my contacts. I need help po.

  24. Omg akala ko ako lang. Grabe sila mamahiya. Titignan ko lang naman sana ilang days ang araw ng bayaran at magkano mahihiram ko tapos apply for loan na pala. Akala ko registration lang

  25. been using moca moca & other loan apps. ang hirap sa knila ang taas ng interest tpus wala kpang due date hina harras kna ng mga customer service nila na akala mo nman ninakaw mo yung pera kahit d kpa overdue or nag due date mn lng. they even contacted one of my friends in my contact list khit d nmn yun nilagay ko sa emergency contact person. anyone can help panu kaya to?

  26. Hello I'm also a victim of mocamoca app isang araw palang ng due date ko natawagan na lahat ng contacts ko and May threat pa na madadamay lahat ng nasa Contacts ko kapag hindi ako agad nakapagbayad, and May nakalagay dun na if di kaya bayaran ng full pwede ng half and nung nagbayad ako ng half halos 5 pesos lang ang nabawas grabe sila maningil ang laki ng tubo, pasigaw pa makipagusap at galit. Paano ba ito.

    1. Yung iba nga dinalang nila binayaran pwede ka naman mag file ng complain if pinapahiya ka sa socmed basta ss mo lang dw yung mga threats nila

  27. I also click the apply loan I just want yo check if how much money that I'll receive then after clicking the worst is it will directly received to your gcash account and you have no option to cancel it,I received 2.6k and I need to pay 4k+ within 6days.