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Carinderia ni Enteng: A Must Visit Food Place

Carinderia ni Enteng in Pulilan, Bulacan is perhaps one of the food stops that you must visit once in your lifetime.  I am simply amazed by the many assortments of food that they offer plus their one-of-a-kind Turon and Ube Halu-Halo.

Carinderia ni Enteng Ambiance

The place is called a "carinderia," but it is not the usual cadinderia you see where you will expect the food to be something just to be fed.  Every dish in this place feels like it is something cooked at your own home.

Carinderia Ni Enteng, looks like something from the Spanish Era where the usual fold would love to eat from a day of hard work. The scenery and artwork surrounding the area reminds you of the simplicity of rural life and the hard work our farmers do to produce food for everyone.

It is not airconditioned and for me that is a good thing because it offers you the true feel of what it feels like to be in the rural area of Bulacan.

Food at Carinderia ni Enteng

I ordered 2 dishes which I really do not like in the hope that they will disappoint me but to my surprise, they did not - THE FOOD WAS TOO AWESOME FOR A CARINDERIA!

I tried their LENGUA, a food which I have not tried yet and well, I do not plan to actually eat. When I began eating it, I was shocked at how delicious the food is.

The next thing I tried was their CRISPY BINAGOONGAN. Well, I doubt that it will be really crispy as the menu says. I let some time pass by and then I began to savor it. Again, to my surprise, it was indeed crispy and the food was delicious. It was a very generous serving as well.

Ingredients are well incorporated into each dish, the taste is perfect and the presentation is simply superb.  It is not the overacting presentation in a fine dining restaurant but the presentation a food should always have.

Halu-Halo Surprise

One of Carinderia ni Enteng signatures is their famous Turon Halu-Halo.  I never thought that it would be possible to incorporate Turon and Halu-Halo.  At an affordable price, you will enjoy a world-class dessert that is truly Filipino.

For me, the Ube Macapuno has so much Ube that you will question how that is not done by other places who sells them. It was too much that I need to pause and eat again.

As for the Regular Halu-Halo, honestly, it was too special to be a regular one. The taste was great and the ingredients were also generously given. Plus the main add-on on both Halu-Halo is the Turon which also compliments the flavor.

Lugaw at Carinderia ni Enteng

When I visit the place again, I tried their Lugaw Tokwa't Baboy or LTB and I was surprised at how delicious it is.  It might have a higher price tag from regular order outside but if you experience their version, you will love it forever.

Details and Rating for Cadinderia ni Enteng

I am giving Carinderia ni Enteng a 4.8/5.0 rating.  I do not want to give a perfect score because I want to go back and eat more.  This place is truly amazing!

  • Address: Lumbac, Pulilan, Bulacan, Pulilan, Bulacan (Carinderia ni Enteng is located in front of Mahal na Senor Lumbac, Pulilan, Bulacan. Beside the Chicken Star and near at The Mill: Pulilan Food Park.)
  • Contact: 0905 863 8535
  • Specialties: Lugaw, Halu-Halo and Filipino Delicacy
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/carinderianienteng

What do you think of this restaurant?  Share us with your experience.

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