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SM Cinema No Outside Food and Drinks Rule

SM Cinemas nationwide has officially made the full implementation of NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS RULE.  This means that ONLY food purchased from Snack Time will be allowed inside the cinema.  Is this a fair rule or was it just uncalled for?

Interpreting "No Outside Food and Drinks"

What does it mean to say "No Outside Food and Drinks".  For SM Cinema it means food not purchased from Snack Time but there is another way to interpret it and well argue with management.

Interestingly, all food purchased within the location of SM Cinema can be considered as food within the cinema and are not outside food and drinks.  Thus this rule will not apply for food purchased from any establishment within the mall.

If they want to enforce it then the rule should read, "Non-Snack Time Food is Not Allowed."  If that is the sign then you can no longer argue.

SM Cinema "No Outside Food and Drinks" Rule is a Disservice

This rule is not only a disservice to cinema-goers but also an insult to food establishments within the establishment.  Why would you prevent your own tenants from earning from people in your establishment?  Why would you prevent people from making a choice on what food or drinks they should consume inside the cinema?

This rule is a clear method of forcing people to have only one choice and that is food and drinks available in Snack Time but what if people don't like them and prefer something else.

Violation of Consumer Act

According to the Consumer Act and to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the consumer has the right to choose.

The fourth consumer right is THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE which is the right to choose products at competitive prices with an assurance of satisfactory quality. - DTI
I believe that this rule clearly violates our right as a consumer and should be revoked immediately.

What do you think of this rule within SM Cinemas?  Share your opinion.

Latest Update:  The SM Cinema Ban had Been Lifted!

According to a report released via Yahoo News said that the ban had been lifted.  The article entitled, "Philippine’s SM Cinema chain removes the ban on outside food, draws line at rice, pasta," states the fact about the said rules which had been in effect since September 2018.

The following items will still be not allowed at SM Cinemas:
  1. Rice and Pasta meals
  2. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in glass bottles and can
  3. Food items with sauces (such as vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce)
  4. Food on stick

What do you think?

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