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Shopee Scams Blinks?

It's all around Twitter, Shopee Scams Blinks?  Well, I have to say it was an alleged scamming or else I might end up having another case of Cyber Libel because in the Philippines speaking the truth about brands and companies is very dangerous.  What really happened in the alleged Shopee scam?

Shopee Scams Blinks?

There was a fan meet for Black Pink and Shopee has a promo which said that Top 50 spenders on the platform will automatically get a slot for the said meet-and-greet.  Everything seems well until not all of them got a chance.

It was also alleged that instead of true Black Pink fans were invited and given the seat, influencers and celebrities were invited, and most of them are not even fans as seen in the video below.

The Real Story of the Shopee Scam

So what is the real story?  Here is a tweet thread from one of those that experienced the alleged scamming from Shopee.

Shopee Issues Statement

Here is the official statement of Shopee as posted on their Twitter account.

So what do you think?  This promotion should be DTI approved right?  Whether it is approved or not, it should be referred to the DTI for immediate action.

Sa Shopepepepepepe, may scam scam scam daw daw daw...

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