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Valenzuela Food Fiesta 2018

We follow VALENZUELA FOOD FIESTA since the first time it was launched in 2016, and we are happy to see its progress.  From a mere festival of food, it included a Bazaar in 2017 and now there seems to be a greater number of food merchants as well.  Why should you visit this Yuletide event and also what makes it unique?

Valenzuela City Gives Back through Valenzuela Food Fiesta

If I am not mistaken, based on my previous knowledge there is no to little payment for the space in the Valenzuela Food Fiesta.  It is a means of the City Government to say thank you and give back to the businesses of the city.

Valenzuela Food Fiesta showcases the delicious food within Valenzuela City.  It also aims to promote and market both the merchandise and retail business as well as food merchants.

We are not favoring any food merchant but due to the number of stalls and food tenants you can visit, we would like to recommend those who are a must-try based on our own experience.

The Real Grill Burger

We have been to The Real Grill Burger two times.  Each of those visits, they never failed to amaze our taste buds.  This is still the BEST BURGER IN METRO MANILA.  I believe then nothing can compare to them when it comes to this.

Their spot at the Valenzuela Food Fiesta is not easily visible but it will surely be rewarding once you find them.  During our visit this year, we bought their Fries and it only costs Php30. (Read Review)

JCO and Lava Drinks by Ynna

An amazing idea for a simple thing.  I would give this food stall an award for being innovative.  They are serving ordinary flavored drinks that became trending by just adding something that makes the juice bubble like a Lava.  Mind you, they are surprisingly delicious too.

The best here is if you pair the drinks with a JCo Donut and it only comes at Php80 per order.

Rasta Engraving

If you are looking for accessories that will compliment your attire or even in your daily life then please visit Raste Engraving. If you are a couple and you want an affordable couple ring then this is also the place to go.  Each ring only cost Php50 and it does not tarnish.

Do you want to share your experience during the Valenzuela Food Fiesta?  Want to say something about a tenant or food stall?  Comment below and we will love to read about it.

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