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Valenzuela Food Fiesta and Christmas Bazaar 2017

It's that time of the year again when festivities, celebrations and bazaars are all over the place.  We would like to highlight one event and place to visit that truly amazes us - VALENZUELA FOOD FIESTA AND CHRISTMAS BAZAAR.

Foodgasm at Valenzuela Food Fiesta

The ultimate foodgasm is definitely in Valenzuela City as the City Government of Valenzuela headed by Mayor Rex Gatchalian, Valenzuela Peoples Park, and various food establishments gather once again this year.

Enjoy various food favorites like pizza, burger, rice meals, drinks and even cocktails.  About 20+ food establishments are gathered together to give both the locals of Valenzuela as well as tourists and guests a taste of what the city has to offer.

RM Grill House Birger

Enjoy this huge burger together with french fries.  For just about a hundred pesos you will surely be full already with just one of these huge burgers.  I really enjoy the mix inside the bun which consists of both vegetable and very think patty.

Ethan's Cafe

This restaurant offers all your liquor and cocktail needs at the event.  You can order a beer or a cocktail tower or one in a form of keg-like jar.  You can also order some of their famour "pulutans" including the tasty fish that we managed to get though we passed on the drinking part because my kids are with me.

By the way if you want to experience FRIED ICE CREAM then visit their stall as well.  It is unfortunate that we are not able to try it out since they are cleaning it at that moment.

Boodle Fight Fiesta

Enjoy the traditional Filipino bonding with Boodle Fight Fiesta.  You can order various sets of their boodle for only Php500.  We tried one and even if we are already 5 people we did not manage to consume all of them.  Really affordable.

Pizza Go

If you love Pokemon then you should try this Pizza.  Well, although it is your regular Pizza with various flavors, the box is at least attuned to anime.  Although they could have created something quite unique in their flavors.

Those are just some of the food stalls that we visited and there are lots more.  All of them offer something unique so going every time is not a waste since you will have a new experience.

Valenzuela Christmas Bazaar

If you are looking for great finds at at affordable price then Valenzuela Food Fiesta and Christmas Bazaar is the place to be.  It does not only offer great food but also great finds.  You can stroll around and look for shoes, pants, clothing, gifts, accessories and more.

All of the establishments in the Bazaar and the Food Fiesta are legitimate business establishment owners in Valenzuela and the booths/stalls here are all provided for free.  This makes the prices of good very affordable.

It's More Fun in Valaenzuela City Food Fiesta and Christmas Bazaar

It's definitely more fun in the Philippines and more fun in Valenzuela City.  The Valenzuela Food Fiesta and Christmas Bazaar will be from December 1, 2017 to January 4, 2018.

Valenzuela Food Fiesta will be held every week from Thursday to Saturday while the Christmas Bazaar will be open daily.

Valenzuela Food Fiesta is organized by the City Government of Valenzuela.  It is jointly managed by Valenzuela People's Park and the Local Economics and Investment Promotions Office.

Also, don't forget to visit the adjacent Valenzuela People's Park because it is one of the best places with authentic Christmas scenery in all of Metro Manila.  This year is way better than last year.  You can read our coverage last 2016.

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