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Is Technology Good or Bad?

Many do not know that media and technology give us both good and bad benefits. They are like double-edged swords whose benefits defends on how the person uses and understands it.

Media today is not only limited to television, radio, and print, for now, we also have the so-called new media. New media is anything that involves the internet and various other forms which are not included in the three major platforms. All of these forms of media provide vast educational benefits. Many also do not know that the products of these media platforms influence behavior and how people see life.

Students for example nowadays are less fluent in English than before. The big difference, way back during the early 1990s there were no Tagalized shows, thus all English shows are in English. This, in turn, promotes learning and improvement on the part of the student.

Another example is computer games. Have you ever wondered why these games had not been a problem in the United States and in Japan? The answer is quite simple because they see the benefits of the media and technology rather than highlight the supposed bad side of it. A simple case of the power of attraction, see the bad and you attract bad and see the good and you attract the good. In other countries video game competitions are even sponsored by schools, here students who play video games are looked down upon.

The quality of what we see and digest from the media greatly affects us. Too much exposure on soap operas unknowingly makes us more emotional. Too much exposure on violence makes our level of adrenaline increase. These are effects that we do not see literally but manifests through time. The solution, therefore, is a good media message and parental guidance.

So let’s go back to the question, is the power of the media and technology good or bad? The answer is actually in your hands and how you see and receive them. The important thing is that we always utilize the power of the media for good and to become better students and a better person.aaaa

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