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Seoul Sisters Korean Resto Bar Review

Unlimited Samgyupsal seems to be very popular nowadays.  Restaurants like this are popping out like wildflowers.  However, despite all the many Korean restaurants, there are those that stand out and one of them is SEOUL SISTERS KOREAN RESTO BAR in Baliwag, Bulacan.

A Different Ambiance at Seoul Sisters

I had been to many Samgyupsal places already and the main attraction is the endless smoke.  You will also be greeted by some restrictions on the menu and most of the time a hot environment.  It is hard to find a place which is as cozy and as romantic as Seoul Sisters Korean Resto Bar.  Yes, it is not as big as other Korean Restaurants but the elegance of the design coupled with simplicity is something I really appreciate in this place.

This is a place which was made out of love and creativity.  The owner's concern for customer experience is very well felt as we eat at the restaurant.  If you really want to have a wonderful time with your loved one, your family and even your friends then this is the best choice.

Good Samgyupsal which are Affordable

If you are looking for unlimited Samgyupsal which is affordable and good for sharing then try Seoul Sisters in Baliwag, Bulacan.  They have unlimited group options, which does not restrict your choice into a single pork or beef.

If you feel that you can not eat a lot of Samgyupsal then you can also opt for their Barkada options.  Their preparation is also based on authentic Korean tradition - that is the pork and beef are not marinated.  You may say that their meat has no flavors, but the truth is this is how it is done.

Savor in the unlimited sidings of your Samgyupsal which includes Kimchi, potatoes and other usual side dishes.  They do not have too many being, in Korea, there is only 3 side dish anyway.  So, when you eat here, you experience the authentic Korean-style restaurant.

More Than Just Samgupsal

Korean Hot Pot - Budae Jjigae (Php429.00) - Actual Serving

Seoul Sisters Korean Resto Bar is more than just Samgyupsal.  What I like here is their Hotpot which comes in very big servings.  Imagine at Php429, you have one large pot, good for 4-5 people.  If that is not affordable then I wonder what is.

Tteukbokki (Php269) - actual serving is larger

What About the Food?

Well, we have tried their Samgyupsal, their Korean Pancake and the Hotpot and all of them are really excellent food.  If you want spicy versions of their food then just ask for it and they will provide you.  I would not worry to tell you that THEIR KOREAN FOOD IS ONE OF THE BEST!

Korean Pancake - Kimchi Jun (Php99.00) - Actual Serving
Jinro (Php110.00) for regular flavor

So if you are near Baliwag, Bulacan or want to experience something new then please do visit Seoul Sisters Korean Resto Bar.

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I will definitely be back here!

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