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Who to Blame for Game Cheats?

I have recently been on the inside of the gaming industry and like many players before one of my nuisance were the cheats and the cheaters during games.  When I played SF or Special Forces, I despise the wallers and those who had auto headshots.  I know that cheating is an annoying thing and that many people do blame the game and the GM or Game Masters for the proliferation of these cheats.

Gamers will comment hate speech on the walls of games, on the fan pages of their game masters and will go as far as saying that they should die or that they are just so dumb even to ge a GM.  However, have we asked who are making those cheats and who are using them?  Have you paused and give it a thought?
Let me point these facts out:
  1. Game developers would not put a cheat in a game unless it is intentional to make the game more exciting which in the case of online games is not applicable;
  2. Almost all of those who make cheats are PLAYERS who want to take advantage of a glitch in the game for themselves and to the disadvantage of other players.
  3. There are organizations and websites whose main task is to create cheats for games and distribute it.
At this rate, one thing is clear.  Cheats are created by third parties most particularly fellow players, thus, why blame the GMs when fellow players are the one who is using it and gaining from it.

Players say that GMs are stupid because they cannot fix cheats.  The GMs task is to monitor the game, make sure that they are working fine and assist the players.  They, in turn, will report any glitch or problem to the developers.  The developers are the one who will modify the game and solve potential problems.

Can we blame the developers for the cheats?  Of course not, we have only fellow players and other people to blame.  Game developers are working hard to make the games better for everyone and some fellow players are ruining just that for their own advantage.

So, fellow players, the next time you see a cheater find don't patronize him and do not blame anyone else but the cheater.

Remember that a real gamer is not a cheater and a cheater is not a real gamer.

Thanks for reading.

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