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Affordable British Favorite Tesco at SM City Marilao Hypermarket

SM City Marilao introduces one of Britains well-loved brand - Tesco.  From Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton to David Beckham, Harry Potter, the Mini Cooper, and the Beatles; not to mention biscuits, spreads, and afternoon cups of tea; the world has truly grown fond of everything British. And now, for the first time ever, shoppers will have the chance to enjoy food and other merchandise imported from the UK on a daily basis because Tesco’s great British favorites are now available at SM Hypermarket.

Get to know Tesco

Tesco, the largest retailer and purveyor of Britain’s favorite food and lifestyle brand comes to the Philippines for the very first time giving Pinoys the chance to experience British living at home. Tesco’s wide selections of items embody the British lifestyle everyone from housewives to working moms and dads to their kids embrace. Tesco products ranging from snacks, sauces, beverages, baking needs, beans and condiments, to personal care, kitchen items and home aids can now be found on the shelves of select SM Hypermarket stores as Tesco’s sole distributors.

Some must-try products from the Tesco line include all natural honey, original chocolate spread, wheat and multigrain crackers. The British brand is not just unique but practical and budget-friendly enough to be included in shoppers’ weekly grocery lists for everyday use.

Discover Tesco Brand at SM City Marilao Hypermarket

“We’re very proud to exclusively carry great selections of Tesco products as part of our already wide range of offerings," says SM Supermarket President Joey Mendoza. "Tesco is a very practical brand; it’s great, it’s very useful, and affordable to everyone. It will surely be loved by Filipinos and we’re happy to be the only store where people can find their Tesco favorites.”

Tesco items are now available at SM City Marilao Hypermarket. With Tesco at SM Hypermarket, everyone can live as the Brits do at home. All it takes is a visit to SM City Marilao Hypermarket!

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