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The Problem with P8 Zarks Burger Promo

Most of the mainstream news articles focuses on the success of the P8 Zark's Burger Promo for the first 80 customers nationwide.  The problem here however is that most of these articles never mentioned problems which this promo caused and also some sudden cancellation in their branches.  This could just be one of the worst and misguided promos ever made.

First 80 customers pays only P8 for a Zark Burger

ONLY 80 PEOPLE can avail of the P8 burger in Zark's Burger branches nationwide.  How many is 80 people compare to the people who will see their promo advertisement on and offline?  Do they have a plan in case tons and tons of people will suddenly be at their branches during promo day which happened August 28 - a national holiday.

Personally speaking and with due respect to Zark's, 80 people for each branch is just too few.  You should expect that a lot of people will flock your branches very early.  In case your branch is inside a mall it might create a foot traffic which will cause inconvenience to everyone.

By just looking at these videos and posts from Netizens we are so terrified about what happened here.  There are just too many customers to handle and this one could have turned out to millions of sales for Zark's Burgers.

Sudden cancellation of Promo

We have read reports that promos got cancelled in some mall branches like SM Bacoor for example.

Yung maaga ka gumising for this para lang maka avail ng 8 pesos burger sa zarks kc nagpapromo sila.tapos cancel nila ung promo. tpos di nila kayang ausin ahaha.. - Jan Ocampo
Jan is saying that he even woke up his kids very early in order to avail of the promo just to find out that the branch did cancel the promo.  Why would they even do that?  Cancelling the promo is like telling the people to just waste their effort and go home.  For some they would just eat at Zark's anyway because they are already there.

We do not know if this incident is just one branch or if there are other branches which suddenly cancelled the promo.

What Zark's Burger could have done

I am not saying that their promo is not right but for me it is not very good and is not a very good way of providing customer experience.  Here are some alternative promos which they could just have utilized or combine together:

  • P8 Zark's Burger to the first 80 customers plus 8% discount to all customers during the day.
  • P8 Zark's Burger to the first 80 customers plus P88 burger to all customers during the day.
  • P8 Zark's Burger to the first 80 customers plus Buy 1 Take 1 on all burgers during the day (or on certain burgers.)
  • P8 Zark's Burger to the first 80 customers plus discount coupons to everyone who went to the branch during the day.
You could just add more to the list but the bottom line here is that everyone should have been given a great customer experience and avoid customers going home disappointed.  As for Zark's here is what they have to say.

What do you think of the P8 Zark's Burger Promo?  Share us your experience and feedback.

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