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#GrabBayanihan to Benefit Commuters in the Philippines

With the recent suspension of Uber and some other issues with vehicle sharing apps, Grab launches a bold new program - #GrabBayanihan.  The new program is seen to benefit commuters in the Philippines and make this more accessible to everyone amidst various concerns.

What is #GrabBayanihan?

#GrabBayanihan is a way of Grab saying that they care about commuters.  It is also a way to address various concerns including the perceived unfair increase of Grab fares.  Here are some information about this campaign:

FARES.  Grab is slowly but surely improving their fare matrix.  They recently made a cap for surge making it 1.4x higher.  According to them this will prevent fare from increasing way too much during commuter surge hours.

DRIVER ACCEPTANCE.  In order to make Grab more accessible they are now implementing a higher Acceptance Rate and lower maximum Cancellation Rate.  Grab drivers are encouraged to serve as many passengers as they can.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT.  Grab expands their Customer Support team in order to attend to more incoming calls.  Customer feedback are now also being monitored.  This just means that the comments you send through their official support channels are answered more quickly and efficiently.

CAR AVAILABILITY.  In compliance with LTFRB Board Resolution No. 19, Grab is now accepting Uber-accredited TNVS to make sure you, the commuting public, get a ride faster and easier.

#GrabBayanihan and Future Services

Grab is looking into more ways to serve everyone and those enumerated above are just some of it.  They also announced that big improvements are coming in the next few days.

In the spirit of #GrabBayanihan, we also ask that you work with us and the rest of the TNVS community during this time.
We call on Grab drivers to continue outserving customers to accommodate the increase in demand. Motivate each other to be at your best at all times, especially at this crucial time. It is the time to prove that you are heroes, driving the Filipino commuters forward.
We call on you, our passengers, to help build each other up. We thank you for all your feedback but we also ask that you share your own positive stories about the heroes that you encounter on the road and be a source of encouragement for TNVS drivers. Let’s continue to move forward together to transform the Philippine transportation industry.
What do you think of #GrabBayanihan?  Send us your feedback.

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