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Hotel 101 Review and Tour

SM Mall of Asia Complex is perhaps the busiest spot throughout the year.  There are tons of conventions, conferences and events plus locations like City of Dreams and Solaire Resort and Casiono.  Understandably, most of us are looking for an affordable yet comfy hotel.  In this article we present our Hotel 101 review and tour.  Let us see if this can be a choice whenever you visit the area.

Ambiance at Hotel 101

The hotel lobby is very spacious though it is sad that there are only very few chairs around.  You will feel really comfortable and the air of welcoming is really there.  Checking in is not a hassle specially when there are very kind and accommodating staff.

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Hotel 101 Rooms

The rooms here are called "Happy Room".  Each room gives you a feel of being home with their setup and inclusions.  Rooms do include FREE complimentary coffee, 2 bottled water plus "Pillows" snack,

Each room also has a large LED tv, a queen size bed, an extra bed in case you are bringing a kid, a mini kitchen, microwave plus a personal refrigerator.  It really makes you feel at home.  The color and the painting of the room is also very warm.

As for the toilet and bath inside it is also very well made.  The FREE accessories are also great since it includes personal hygiene kit, vanity kit and even shaving cream and shaver.  There is also a hair dyer plus hot and cold water.

Hotel 101 Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool at Hotel 101 is,medium-sized.  The facility comes with a small kiddie poll and a Jacuzzi.  The Jacuzzi could accommodate around 10 persons maximum and it has hot flowing water which is very relaxing.

Design of the hotel 101 pool is very safe, however they close down the pool whenever there is heavy rain and thunderstorm for safety precaution.  They do advertise that there are no lifeguards on duty but there are always hotel personnel around the area.

Amico Breakfast Buffet at Hotel 101

Each stay comes with free breakfast at Amico.  This restaurant gives a present decent buffet although this one is very limited considering the size of the place.  Food here is also pretty good and we have no negative comment about it.  The ambiance is also okay.

Hotel in Manila Review Verdict for Hotel 101: 9/10

Hotel 101 is not a 5-star hotel it is probably a 3-star hotel but it is highly recommended for everyone.  Rather than spend 5,000 or even more hotel accommodation in other hotels why not try this one.  There is actually another hotel that is nearby which charges around P8,000 which is highly inferior to what Hotel 101 has to offer.

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Thanks for Travelbook.ph for the points they had provided us.  We personally choose the hotel and we are not disappointed.

Disclaimer:  Hotel 101 does not know that we are doing a review.  This is also not a sponsored hotel stay and blog review.

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