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Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice Cream Review

Product Review: Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice Cream.  Everyone seems to be excited about the introduction of Kit Kat Green Tea Ice Cream.  This flavor is previously made only for Japan but since there are tons of Filipinos who love Japanese food, well they introduce it here.

After our endless, frustrating and long search for this flavor, we successfuly located it at Mercury Drug Plaridel.  We were very excited so we ordered 2 for my partner and I.  It was priced at Php49.  This is it!

We removed the cover and we began consuming this very exciting green tea flavor ice cream.  Our excitement turned from very excited to frustrated.  It was not as what we have expected.  It was more chocolate like and felt more like Kit Kat rather than green tea.  There was very little green tea taste in the ice cream.

If you are a fan of green tea, matcha and the likes then you will just be frustrated with this product.  It was a big let down for me.  I do not know if it is still available in the Philippines but if you missed it then you did not miss anything.  In fact, you were saved the agony of spending for something that is not worth your money and your taste buds.

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