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Manila Food Review: The Best Crocodile Cafe in the Metro

I though that eating crocodile is not allowed but it seems it is no longer true.  The government itself is allowing the sale and consumption of crocodile due to the over supply of crocodile meat.  The Urban Cafe at Wilcon City Center in Visayas Avenue is one of the very few places where you can find authentic, clean and delicious crocodile meat and dishes.

It might seem like a regular cafe but it offers more than just that.  The Urban Cafe is not only a cafe but it is also a resto.  In this place you can find one of the most authentic and delicious crcocodile recipes and dishes.  At first I was hesitant to try the meat but since I already tried Croc Sisig at Hero's Sausages I have the impression that it would be delicious.

The Urban Cafe Crocodile Dishes

Here are some of the Crocodile meat dishes that was introduced to us by The Urban Cafe.  This list is according to my level of likeness.

Croc Crossbone Steak (Php195).  This one is my favorite since I enjoy the unique taste and the unique flavoring of the steak.  It has that hot feeling in your throat whenever you consume it.

Sousvide Croc Tocino (Php195).  You will mistakenly feel like you are eating beef but this is authentic crocodile meat.  Better than beef and has less oil and fat.

Dauntless Croc Sisig (Php195).  Tastes like chicken sisig and is just mild on the chiliness.  Even if you are not into exotic food, I am sure that you will like this one.  If you like it to be more chili then just ask for added spices.

Farm Bred Croc Tapa (Php195).  Some of the previous reviews said that this one is dry and yes it is kinda dry in a good way.  Crocodile has less fat and is leass oily resulting in the dryness.  However, when you consume it you will know that it's really good.

The Urban Croc Burger (Php170).  Tasty and big burger with my favorite fries.  Yummy!

Mexican Croc Rib BBQ (Php195).  Another flavorful croc menu.  I can see that everyone loves it since I was left to a very few slice.

Croc Sausage Silog (Php195).  This dish contains the Dundee crocodile Hungarian sausage which you can also buy at Hero Sausages.  The sausage cracks into pieces when you consume it mainly because it was prepared without any extenders.

Croc Cigar Jalapeno (Php180).  Perhaps among the many dishes this one is the elast I like.  It is not in big serving which makes me think it should have a lower price.  The crocodile meat in it is also less.  It's not the fault of the food though because it was supposed to be like that, it was me.

The Urban Cafe Other Menus

Besides the usual regular crocodile meat dishes The Urban Cafe also offers lots of new things.  
  • Enjoy wines and wine pairing with your croc dishes.
  • Consume their very delicious and tasty The Urban Cafe Frappe.
  • Enjou healthy tea and coffee.
  • Enjoy other dishes like adobo, spaghetti and more.
  • Get your crocodile meat fix and bring it home

Besides selling cooked crocodile meat you can also buy their frozen crocodile meat products.  These products are already prepared and flavored by their official chef.  You can buy the same quality meat used to prepare the sisig, tapa, tocino and more.

If you are also planning to be a distributor in your area you can also visit them and start your own Crocodile Meat Distributing Byusiness.  The meat products are sold at an SRP of Php195.  They are currently abailable at SM Hypermarkets, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise.  Crocodile meat products will also be available soon at Rustans Supermarket and Walter Mart Supermarket.

The Urban Cafe Branches

If you are thinking that they are only situated at Visayas Ave. then you are in for a surprise.  The Urban Cafe has brances in most Wilcon City Center and Depot acrosss Metro Manila.  They will soon have their first provincial branch at Sta. Rosa, Laguna soon.

Verdict for The Urban Cafe and Resto: 4.5/5

We are giving The Urban Cafe a rating of 4.5/5.  This is indeed a very good palce to dine and meet.  If you are looking for exotic and delicious food then this is the place.  The ambiance and feel of the place is also very ideal for usual business meetings and if you want to just have time to relax.

Want to know more about The Urban Cafe, the legality of crocodile meat and more then watch the video below.

Thanks for reading and please tell us your experience and post your photos once you visit The Urban Cafe.  I am sure that you will love it as much as we had.

The Urban Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. wow! haven't tried croc dishes yet but will plan to give these a try one day. looks yummy!

  2. This certainly needs to go in my bucketlist when I come visit the Philippines again. I've never had crocodile meat and was pretty surprised to see it served as a substitute in dishes that we are already accustomed to. Thanks!