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Manila Food Review: Jacks Joint QC

Talk of a very satisfying, delicious and affordable food discovery at the heart of Quezon City.  Jack's Joint QC is perhaps a place which I had been so lucky to discover and dine in it.  The place is so cool in lots of ways and it would be a waste if you would not visit them and enjoy their food.
Panay Avenue is not among those streets which you could consider as a food strip.  In fact usual food hubs in QC can be found in Maginhawa, Timog and Tomas Morato.  This place might not be located in those area but you are missing something cool if you have not yet experience being here.

Mediterranean Specialty at Jack's Joint

Jack's Joint QC features Halal certified Mediterranean food.  The chef itself is Turkish who married a Filipina.  He ensures that all of the dishes are authentic and will appeal to those who are visiting the place.  Shawarma, Kebab, Pizza, Burger and Below Zero Beer are the highlights of the place.

Their Kebab are very delicious and tasty,  Leave them even for about an hour and you can still enjoy the same knife-free tenderness of the meat.  I am so amazed by that fact since it is the first time I never used a knife for something like this.  You can even go unlimited rice and unlimited Kebab for just Php299.  Plus you can do combination of chicken and beef.

Their Blue Buffalo Chicken Pizza was chili but delicious.  I love the combination of everything in it.  If there are other bloggers during the food review I could have consumed more.  It's hot and delicious.

Crunchy fries and tender burger, that's how I would describe their Half Burger with Cheese and Fries (Php220).  Though they have only one choice for burger, I assure you that you will love it.

Jack's Joint Shawarma Wrap was also superb.  I had to take it home and even after more than 6 hours it was still very tender and delicious.  You would rarely see something as good as this since the usual shawarma will lose its taste as time goes by.

I had also tried their Strawberry Shake (Php95 for large).  The strawberry taste is really in it plus you can really savor all the goodness in it.  It was so flavorful that's why I love it.  I am sure that all the other shakes are good as well.

I totally love their food.  It was unfortunate that other bloggers for that day where not able to taste these great food.  I also tried their Shawarma Rice (Php165) - this is the one I consumed every piece.  I really love Shawarma.

Another must try is their Chicken Steak.  Again this is grilled chicken and you do not need any knife to separate the meat.  I wonder what is the secret of the tenderness of the meat.

Chicken Steak

Shawarma Rice

A Place to Drink and Talk

Jack's Joint QC is not only a place to eat but a place where your friends can enjoy their below zero beer.  I have tried Brew Kettle that way and wow the taste was so different.  Imagine beer only costs Php55 each.  You can opt for a bucket (5+1) and only pay Php299 during happy hours.

They also sell craft beer, San Miguel Pilsen and San Migh Light.  Look at those ice covered beers.  I really love to go back here and bring my friends with me.

Jack's Joint QC also has a television which shows music videos and sports while you are enjoying the meal and drinks.  They had also redesigned the place with amazing artwork representing their menu.

Discover more about Jack's Joint QC in the video below.

Verdict for Jack's Joint QC is 4.5/5

We are giving this place 4.5/5 for our Manila Food Review.  There is definitely room for improvement.  I hope that the TV screen is a bit bigger and well a more organized entrance perhaps where you will really be amazed.

There are debris at the front of the place which really destroys the good aura of the venue.  I just hope that next time it will be more organized.
Jack's Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If you are looking for a place that you can enjoy both the food and the drinks then please do try JACK's JOINT QC.  Don't forget to like their Facebook page.

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