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Davao Tuna Grill Review

Three months ago we went to SM Megamall and during lunch we decided to try out Davao Tuna Grill. I ordered Tuna Sisig and will try to taste if their Tuna Sisig is better than previous sisig we have experienced before.

Mei ordered a fish with sauce or "sabaw" in Tagalog. The food is affordable and well the preparation also was very presentable. The food that Mei ordered was very delicious and in fact I also ate some of it.

As for the Tuna Sisig I ordered, I am not very satisfied with how it taste. The food was a little bland and well it was also a little chili but it's ok. I would agree that the tuna sisig found at Seafood Grill is way better than this. Sorry about that.

Now here are our ratings on the two dishes combined:

Taste - 7
Health Rating - 10
Affordability - 6
Accessibility - 6
Service Rating - 8
Total Rating = 37/50

Not very bad :) ... They are healthy food anyway as long as they do not mix MSG in it :)

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