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Learning: Salad ala Shen using Miracle Whip

I have not posted any product reviews for quite a while because had been posting so much about contest and winnings, maybe because there are lots of them. Now, I finally got time to post my own Salad creation, "Salad ala Shen." I added Miracle Whip because in the three salad preparations I made, the taste of the one with Kraft Miracle Whip Stands out.

Ingredients (depends on number of people to eat, this one is ideal for 3-4 people):

Main required ingredients:

1 medium cabbage
2 pcs carrots
2 pc apple
2 pcs cucumber
3 slices butter toast
1 bottle Kraft Miracle Whip

Additional ingredients (optional)

1 Century corned tuna
1 Danes cheese
4-6 pcs papaya slices

Preparation instruction:

1. Prepare a kitchenware where all the ingredients will be mixed;
2. Cut into small pcs the carrots, apple, cucumber, and other similar ingredients;
3. Crash into pieces the cabbage you can use a kitchen knife or your knife;
4. Pour in the Century corned tuna (do not include the sauce);
5. Cut the cheese into slices/dice;
6. Crash the butter toast;
7. Add miracle whip;
8. Mix the ingredients well and make sure that the cheese are well mixed with all the ingredients.

Serve and eat.... yummy!

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