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RATE THIS Commercial: Myra 400 E with Angel and Lucky

Just noticed this Myra 400 E ad featuring Angel Locsin and Lucky Manzano. Well, I just read about this commercial on the Unilab Facebook page and I want to hear your thoughts about the commercial by commenting below and rating it.

As for Vitamin E well they are definitely are a needed vitamin by the body and will surely create a better body texture and makes your body whiter and smoother. One of the best Vitamin E is Myra 400 E for women.

Now here is the poll and rate the commercial above.

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  1. hello unilab! hello myra! pwede bang may part 2 iyong tvc nila luis and angel? pls pls pls?

  2. Oo nga nuh... ang cheesy kasi nila :)

  3. I hopwe there's a part of Angel and Luis Myra E Commercial. Sana ang concept or theme naman is "reconciliation". Thank you in advance Unilab and God Bless:)