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Tuna Sisig at Seafood Grill

Who says seafood is boring? Well that is not the case when you eat at Seafood Grill. Whenever I go to SM Malls, I always look for this food establishment at the foodcourt. The simple reason being the fact that they offer very tasty seafood dishes and preparations.

One of my favorites at Seafood Grill is their Tuna Sisig. You can really taste the genuine flavor of Tuna cooked sisig style and then added to that is a little bit of chili. Sometimes they are too chili though that it puts greater challenge to me to eat them since I perspire a lot.

Their dishes comes with vegetable or pancit/palabok everytime you order. Plus tey will serve you with their seafood soup of the day. Most of the time the soup is okey but sometimes I don't really like the taste.

Besides Tuna Sisig, Seafood Grill also offers preparations Blue Marlin, Squid, Tanigue, and others. Their fish soup bowls are also the best. If you will dine here please order their specialty and avoid choosing meat on the menu otherwise you lost the change to really have a good dine.

This is the first time I will make a rating specifically for food and here it goes:

Taste - 8
Health Rating - 7
Affordability - 6
Accessibility - 6
Service Rating - 8
Total Rating = 35/50

Enjoy eating...

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