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SM Baliwag Foodcourt Food Review: A Food Fest

This is simply a post which had long been overdue but it is still a memory which remains to be a very festive and mouth watering experience. Thanks to the admin of SM City Baliwag for inviting us to this event and allowing us to sample the food at the foodcourt.

Simply looking the the food buffet will surely make you wonder how would it be possible to taste everything. Well, if you are a blogger and writer, you have to really taste it before you can say something about it. So here goes my take on the food and the stalls at SM Foodcourt. Remember that eventhough I taste the food for free my review will remain independent.

Pinoy Lugaw.  These lugaw taste good but never ever eat it when it is already cold.  Because of the length of the blogging contest and the program, when we taste it the food was already cold.  Despite of that however you can still taste that it's a good lugaw preparation.  Lugaw by the way is a rice soaked in water and mixed with spices.  It is a usual Filipino delicacy.

Potato Madness french fries or fried potatoes are really tasty specially the barbecue flavor.  Then again do not leave it uneaten for more than 30 minutes because the potatoes will lost the crunchiness.  If there is one comment though I find the price a little high for these products.

Chef Chow's Shabu-Shabu is also good food and well it can be good for snacks or for a healthy meal.  The usual ingredients includes Salmon and Crab although you can choose meatballs if you want. Best eaten when warm as well.  I missed eating in chopstick too because until now I don't know how to use it.

TK Takoyaki, well sad to say but I really don't like the taste of this food.  You can give me all of it for free but I will simply not eat it.  Perhaps my taste bud is not accustomed to the "unexplainable" taste of this food.  I do not say it taste bad but for me I will pass on this one.

Hero Sausages Hungarian Style.  Well they are very tasty and juicy and 100% good choice.  The only problem with them is their price is not really for the masses.  Each hotdog costs more than 70 pesos however, the good taste will surely compensate for the price.

Baliwag Lechon "Liempo" and "Lechon Manaok".  Both of these are traditional Baliwag preparations and are indeed top of the line.  The crispy taste of the Liempo and the juicy Lechon Manok are simply something that you will always enjoy eating.  The sauce also is tasty.  This is one of the first choice I always have when eating at the foodcourt... though health wise this is not very healthy.

Be it Pork Binagoongan or Sinarsahang Tadyang, Ka Damian's food preparations seem to be good cooking to perfection.  Imagine that the food we have tasted had been there for more than 4 hours and the taste of these meals remains the same and you will still enjoy it.  You have to try these when at the food court.

Pinoy Lugaw Fresh Lumpia.  The good old lumpia, well this is the first time I have seen a lumpia as fat as these one.  They are really stuffed full and the sauce taste was magnificent.  A mixture of a little chili and a little salty, good combination.

Seafood Grill Tuna Kaldereta.  This is one of my favories, Tuna Kaldereta and Tuna Sisig.  I buy from Seafood Grill at least 3 out of my 5 visits to the foodcourt.  I never experienced such a very tasty preparation of Tuna ever than at this place.  If you are looking for a unique Tuna and seafood dishes then this is the place for you.  The food is affordable and their order is really bigger than usual.

The staff of UNTV by the way also enjoyed the food and really there is so much food that afternoon that we almost want to invite our friends and relatives or even take some home.

So that's all for now unless Ma'am Jeune or Ma'am Shiela will invite us for more food tasting at the SM City Baliwag Foodcourt.  A once per week pass won't hurt.  Anyway thanks for the good food and happy eating at the SM City Foodcourt.

Before I end by the way I am inviting everyone to add in their Facebook account the FB of SM City Baliwag, just click here and click ADD AS FRIEND.  Thanks!  Burp!

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