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Neo Laptop Review

I am using a Neo Laptop since December 2008 and I would say despite the fact that most people;e says this laptop is low end and locally made, I would say that it's quality is good. I had never encountered a problem with this laptop except for one time where I accidentally spilled Lambanog over it.

It worked again after being repaired, however two USB slots were no longer working. That's not the laptop's fault by the way for it is my fault. If there is one thing I do not like with Neo laptop is the fact that it's battery life is only about two hours and most of the time you can feel the heat in the keyboard. It is best to have a laptop fan under it.

Durability well count it in because there is one point where I use it for more than 24 hours and it did not broke except for a time when it was too hot and I really left it open.

How much is this laptop? Well I bought it back then for only P20,000, it has 1Gb of memory and run on a 2.3Ghz processor, not bad at that time. Downside is the graphics card since it has shared video so do not expect to play Cabal or Special Forces in this laptop.

Here is my rating for Neo Laptop (will follow up the model soon).

  • Durability: 9
  • Graphics: 5
  • Speed: 7
  • Stress Threshold (ability to withstand user abuse): 9
  • Affordability: 9
  • Total Rating: 39/50

If you need a laptop for mobility, wifi surfing, video on the go, fun games then this will work for you. However, if you want a laptop for games then this is not recommended (this model at least). For a laptop to work for good games the video card should not be shared or should be high enough to accommodate the demands of games nowadays.

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  1. Neo laptop is so disaster,, my netbook that is less than 2 years after saving file from my flash drive its not working,maybe its infected by a virus,  i brought it to its service center and gave me a quotation that worth buying a brand new.. i will never ever buy a NEO laptop again

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