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A Burger King Experience: The Best WiFi Place

My apologies to Burger King but honestly I do not buy the big burgers and value meals at Burger King for the simple reason that I cannot afford them on my budget. What I however eat at Burger King is their Sundae and Shakes. These are affordable and less than a hundred pesos.

I am sure that their burger tastes great. Why? The reason is simple, Burger King is one of the best burger chains in the United States and their burger are simply the best tasting. Yes even better than Jollibee and McDonald, however I have not tasted their local food preparations yet.

Another good thing with Burger King is that this is the only place where you can really have a very long free internet experience. You can choose their local wifi or the mall's wifi and be at the store from opening to closing. Well you should order at least twice so that they would also earn from you.

Burger King seems to be used to this on a daily basis. However, don't go there on Saturdays and Sundays because their wifi and sockets are closed. They do not want those internet addicts to be there at a time where there are large influx of customers.

Thanks Burger King for providing a good food and wifi experience!

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