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Freshman Masculine Wash: Why the Need?

When I searched online about Freshman Masculine Wash I saw photos of a billboard ad on a lamp post and tons of negative comments about this new product. They say it is not even needed by men. Well to them I say that their main reason for being negative is their manly stereotype.

Men like women frequently experience some sort of manly smell down there and that is not because you have multiple partners or is sick but because that is natural. The genital smell from men comes from urine and the usual excretion of fluids of the male organ. You can always clean it with soap but it will not prevent those smell from developing.

I was one of those who were surprised to see a masculine wash. The first time I saw Freshman Masculine Wash, I smiled and asked the promodizer at Save More if indeed this is true and he said yes. I remember my son who frequently experience itchiness on his private part. He is 12 and he has no sexual experience yet. The time he began using Freshman Masculine Wash, he felt better and he says it's cool to the feeling.

I also used Freshman Masculine Wash and from there on the usual male odor disappeared and it smells very natural. Even when you do your male routine you will not smell any bad odor from the body of your private part.

How much does it cost? Well I bought my Freshman Masculine Wash for only P74.00. There is no harm in using it and there is no reason to hate it or laugh at those using it or label them as gay.

Cleanliness and being healthy and presentable is accorded to all human beings, male and female.

Here is an except from the Freshman Masculine Wash press release and by the way you can visit their website HERE.

According to research and doctors, having that 20% cooling feeling in men’s intimate areas can actually help them preserve the life span of their sperm and increase the number of counts required. Sperms are destroyed and definitely become low in counts when the intimate parts are much warmer than the body temperature.

So, giving men’s intimate parts some “cool”, “clean” and “refreshing” treat, is not just a feeling after all. It can also help men do wonders for their reproductive process! Now men don’t have to worry about soaps.
Freshman Masculine Wash has arrived!

It’s a masculine wash that thoroughly cleans unlike an ordinary soap! The product’s active ingredient, Tea Tree Oil, properly moisturizes the skin, neutrally balanced at ph7 making it gentle on the skin. It gives you that cool, fresh feeling that lasts all day!

It eliminates and protects the male genitals from germs that cause unwanted odor and itchiness! For minor scrapes and wounds, the masculine wash aids the immune system in the healing produces. Freshman Masculine Wash has also been dermatologically tested for proper intimate hygiene.

Freshman Masculine Wash is already available in the market for the suggested retail price of 79 pesos per bottle.

‘Cause men need to feel fresh, clean and cool too!

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  1. I get a lot of blows from girls when I started using this...bj sort of like becomes automatic! so u better use it!