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What's the best choice for Internet Connection?

What ISP are you using? Well for us we use two ISP's, one at home and one here at the computer shop. The ISP at home was PLDT MyDSL while jere on the shop it is the usual Globe Broadband line connection. The speed and connectivity of Globe is fast but most of the time it is intermittent.

You will experience slow and no connection when it is raining or during bad weather (not a typhoon). You will even experience service interruption from 1 day to about 3 weeks (that is our longest no connection experience).

If I am to choose among the many ISP's present here in Bulacan here is my recommendation based on speed and quality of connection.

1. PLDT MyDSL - still the best choice.
2. Globe Broadband
3. Sun Broadband.

For Metro areas like Metro Manila, Metro Davao or Metro Cebu there can be more choices. In Manila for example there is BayanTel.

If you are not in the city or near a Telecom tower then please do not ask for a wireless connection to be installed. I would also not recommend Smart Bro because its speed will really frustrate you.

So there you go :)

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