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The Asus Bravo 220 Graphics Card: A Taste of Green

Have you ever encounter a video card that works silently and has an environmental consideration in manufacturing? Well now you will meet tis video card, it's the Asus Bravo 220 Graphics Card. A graphics card so silent that you will not even think it is there. It even comes with a remote control.

The unique design which also themed green comes with a very innovative heat sink. The card eliminates the usual fan build on high end graphics card. This card is specifically designed for entertainment and vivid gaming purposes.

The result of this innovative design is 21% better power efficiency compared to other models. Also, the card operation is 0db operation thanks to the over-sized heatsinks with advance materials to ensure quick heat dissipation and greater durability of the product. No more power hungry cooling on this one.

Check out this video demonstration of the cool and friendly features of Asus Bravo 220 Graphics Card.

Here are the specifications of the Asus Bravo 220:

Graphics Engine: GeForce GT220
Video Memory: 1GB DDR2
Engine Clock: 525MHz
Shader Clock: 1360MHz
Memory Clock: 800MHz (400MHz DDR2)
Memory Interface: 128-bit
DVI Max Resolution: 2560X1600 pixels

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