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Japanese Cakes Tastes Like Waffles

One time while going to the movies we decided to buy Edlice Co's Japanses Cakes. We had been curious of what it would taste like. We then ordered a cheese-filled Japanese cake.

We don't get a chance to eat it yet since Mei has to buy Ice Tea for our drinks inside the cinema. When we were inside the cinema we munch the cakes and found out to our delight that it tastes a lot like the waffles we used to eat.

Maybe it was because of the filling inside it. Like waffles, these Japanses cakes have various fillings. There are 12 fillings you can choose from. These varieties of Japanese Cakes includes Banana Langka, Tuna Tumble, Leche Plan, Chezy Melt, Choco-Choco, Chezy Frank, Chicken Salad, Ham and Cheese, Sweet Mongo, Mysterious Ube, Cheesydog Double and Luncheon Meat.

It will take you just around 5 minutes to get your Japanese Cake. Well it does not taste differently and unique and it is not that exotic but I say tat it is still a good snack to try out.

So let's get Japanese!

Arigatou Gosaimasu!

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