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A.N.T.S. Canefusion: Too Sweet to Handle

One time when we visit SM Megamall I came across this sugarcane drink from A.N.T.S. Canefusion. Curious about it I bought one 16oz cup and take my sip.

My reaction was instant, it was not your ordinary drink taste and for some it might be too sweet to handle.

Sugarcane is one of the oldest products produced by the country and during old times it was the main source of our sugar. Sugarcane where milled and then processed some by hand to produce sugar.

A.N.T.S. Canefusion's sugarcane drinks were really worth trying. I know some would not like the taste but for those who want to savor a new kind of drink then give this a chance.

Besides the regular drink they also offer sugarcane juice and concentrates.

A.N.T.S. Canefusion is a product and brand of Heppy Corporation is a newly established company which started operations in November 2008.

According to the company's website at http://www.antscanefusion.com/, the name A.N.T.S. not only represents the initials of the two owners of Heppy Corporation but it further gives a reflection of the principal characteristic of sugarcane – sweet.

Meanwhile here is my rating for this cool drink from A.N.T.S. Canefusion:

  • Packaging: 8.
  • Product Cost: 10
  • Uniqueness: 10
  • Popularity: 7
  • Brand positioning: 7
  • Usability: 10
  • Effectiveness: 8
  • Product Access: 6
  • Advertising: N/A
  • TOTAL RATING: 66/80 or 82.50%

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