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Zagu, Please Don't Try It Without the Pearl

Zagu is now on its 10th year as a business and as a brand. It had been one of the most successful beverage brand in the market today with branches at every major malls and cities around the country.

Almost all Zagu flavors are great tasting except for some which I actually don't like or don't prefer. Plus if you will drink Zagu never ever as in never ever buy it if it will not have the signature black pearls which really completes the experience.

I did experience buying Zagu without those and well I was so disappointed with the taste that I did not finish drinking it and I have to really throw it away.

Zagu is not only a thirst quencher but also provides your daily Calcium requirement depending on the flavor which you will buy. What is great with this drink is it really had a very flavorsome blend which makes you enjoy every zip.

Here's my rating for Zagu

a. Packaging: 8. Well made and very simple packaging.

b. Product Cost: 10. Very affordable. The smallest only cost about 30 pesos while the largest cost more than 40pesos.

c. Uniqueness: 9. The taste and the blend is indeed very unique.

d. Popularity: 10. Ask everyone and it would be very rare for someone not to know Zagu.

e. Brand positioning: 10. For 10 years Zagu had been a major brand it its business.

f. Usability: 8. Zagu is a thirst quencher which also gives you needed Calcium.

g. Effectiveness: 8. Do you love Zagu? Your answer only shows the effectiveness of this brand.

h. Product Access: 10. Zagu is available in all major malls and also in key areas nationwide.

i. Advertising: 7. Word of mouth advertising and product quality is what makes this known.

TOTAL RATING: 80/90 or 89%

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