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Blue Magic Gives Names to their Stuffed Toys

My son, John Dwight bought a rat puppet at Blue Magic in SM Marilao. He was amazed at the puppet and is very eager to own one so he bought it with his own money. To our surprise the puppet has a name. His pet was named, Mallory. The tag on the suffed toy even has some instruction on how to care for the pet.

It was intriguing that this is the first store ever that I know to give name to all their toys. Blue Magic has toys from large bears to lions, tigers, monkeys and more. It seems to simulate a zoo though all the animals are just for play.

Naming the animal toys for me gives a new dimension to how the animals should be treated even though they are only toys. I am personally congratulating Blue Magic on this very noble idea.

Through this campaign they can also raise awareness for animal rights and welfare and promote humane treatment of animals.

So I guess two thumbs up for Blue Magic!

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