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A Taste of Real Corn with Kingcorn

I have no doubt that Kingcorn is perhaps the most delicious corn preparation which I have ever tasted... well considering those also sold at the mall and on the street. It's taste was really mouth watering and makes you crave for more.

Here's my rating for Kingcorn

a. Packaging: 6. Very ordinary packaging though the cups definitely contributes to trash and environmental problems.

b. Product Cost: 10. Very affordable and well the taste will make you satisfied.

c. Uniqueness: 9. It is not a unique preparation of coin but again the taste and flavoring really makes it unique.

d. Popularity: 7. For me King Corn is popular already but I do not know if others share that opinion.

e. Brand positioning: 8. I do not see any other type of product like this at SM Malls nor on other malls so I would say they have a high chance for their product.

f. Usability: 7. It's a good food for snacks.

g. Effectiveness: 8. It is a very good way of enjoying corn with a twist of unique flavor.

h. Product Access: 10. King Corn is available in all SM Malls nationwide as well as in other locations.

i. Advertising: N/A. I cannot comment yet on the advertising of this product since I have no information on this matter.

TOTAL RATING: 65/80 or 81.25%

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