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ASYAnna: Online Shop for the Best of Asia!

Who would have taught that you can find all of the great stuff that you wish to buy from all around Asia in just one place. That is the great opportunity that you will have while exploring the Online Shop of ASYAnna: The Best of Asia!

Owned by friends and now husband and wife, JR and Mei. It started an idea that evolved from endless talks over steaming mugs of tea and coffee; a partnership sealed off by the love for celebrations, long walks, laughters, travels, books, music and shared stories. What was a small online store 2 years ago is now a busting online shop composed of many choices.

You can find bags, shawls, jewelries, neckties, sculptures, art works, home and kitchen products, clothes and RTW, gift ideas, coffee and tea, custom-made products and health and wellness products. Wow! Even I get tired enumerating those.

ASYAnna represents all that is best in Asia. A venture that seeks to promote Asian talent, arts and crafts. It is not just an online store; it is also a place for musings and appreciating what life is all about. This is a place for like-minded souls who want to celebrate Asian life, culture and the arts.

ASYAnna is a way to reach out to the world and share lessons and stories of Asian life and culture. Here, you will see and experience culturally-diverse countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines. It is also a way of giving back blessings; a portion of what you will pay for products sold will go to worthy causes and those in dire need of help.

I personally salute Mei and JR for coming out with an online shop like this. Truly they are Filipinos who show their affection for beauty and the arts.

Now all you have to do is VISIT ASYAnna and start shopping online!

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  1. Hi Dave! We are truly touched by your blog and never ending support! Thank you so much again! Hope Asyanna brings Asia one step closer to the hearts of all.

    Happy new year!!!!

    JR & Mei