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kape-licious: The delicious coffee that tastes like Starbucks

I never thought that there was a coffee as delicious as that of Starbucks until I have tried kape-licious. Well of course I do not know that until I was invited to the Bloggers Event at SM City Marilao where we get a chance to get a taste of this coffee. Now let's go to the review... how does kape-licious rate according to our standards?

For reference on the rating and review CLICK HERE.

a. Packaging: 7. The presentation was not as elegant as Starbucks but it will surely pass the standard packagin tests. The usual bulky and bubble like presentation needs a little improvement too s well as the brand tag on the cup.

b. Product Cost: 10. Well it is only 38 pesos on the minimum so I guest it is a very good deal. Good taste, good price... good product.

c. Uniqueness: 5. The product is not that unique since most of those who sell coffee of this kind generally end up with the same presentation and packaging so let's give it a middle rank.

d. Popularity: 4. This is the first time that I have known of this product so probably it is relatively new and not yet that known in the market.

e. Brand positioning: 2. Brand is not known and is relatively new.

f. Usability: 9. Well if you want to get a taste of Starbucks but don't have the time to go there or the money to spend for it then this is your alternative choice. You can enjoy its good taste and also feel that you are enjoying a good coffee blend.

g. Effectiveness: 9. I say it's really delicious hence it is kape-licious.

h. Product Access: 7. Most of kape-licious products are available at SM Malls and since SM Malls are nationwide then you can surely enjoy this great tasting coffee blend.

i. Advertising: N/A. I don't have any data pertaining to this so I can't comment on it.

TOTAL RATING: 53/80 or 6.625

So if you are looking for this great tasting cold coffee blend then do visit SM City Marilao or the nearest SM Mall near you.

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