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Aling Lucing's Sisig is the best sisig I've eaten

The first food I've tasted during the SM Marilao WiFI Bloggers event is Aling Lucing's Sisig. Actually sisig is one of my favorite dishes.

As I tasted the Sisig, it was so delicious. It has a taste that you can't resist. The meat is crispy and yummy. It was combined with onion that arouse the aroma to the sisig. It's definitely irresistible.

Here's my rating for Aling Lucing's Sisig:

a. Packaging: 8. Presentation was the usual sisig but you will be amazed by its awesome and very delicious taste. This just put to the reality that a good presentation is not a must in a delicious food.

b. Product Cost: 9. It is very affordable. If you want to eat here with you friends, try to order the Best Shot Sisig which cost P 133.00 pesos only

c. Uniqueness: 10. The taste of Aling Lucing's Sisig is its edge against its competitors. We usually eat Sisig together with gravy but with this Sisig it seems gravy will not be necessary because the taste is good as it is.

d. Popularity: 9. Aling Lucing's Sisig had been a Sisig phenomenon for a long time and through time the perfection of the dish was made.

e. Brand positioning: 9. The name of the original cook for the Sisig make it stand out among other Sisig brands.

f. Usability: 6. Well sorry but I will not recommend eating Sisig on a daily basis. We need to be healthy so I might say just get a dip when necessary and not that often.

g. Effectiveness: 10. If Aling Lucing says it is delicious and the best sisig then they are telling the truth.

h. Product Access: 8. I am sure there is a place to get this awesome Sisig at a place near you. Try out SM Marilao and other SM Malls.

i. Advertising: 10. This product will definitely be known even by just word of mouth advertising.

TOTAL RATING: 79/90 or 8.78

Good sisig is just a mall away so visit SM Marilao or any SM City near you.

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