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Wifi Bloggers Event's at SM City Marilao

As expected, David and I went to the SM City Marilao to attend the Bloggers Event in SM Foodcourt. They said that the event will start at 2:00 pm . I must say that we're still waiting for the other bloggers to come.

They gave us some leaflets regarding the SM Foodcourt wherein it tells what good place to eat and good place to meet.

SM Marilao Foodcourts starts with 8 counters

The SM Marilao Foodcourt's main objective:

1. Provide a wifi for all
2. To prefered SM to be the place to meet people or said to be a meeting place
3. Provide good food to all

Here are the list of the good place to eat at SM Marilao Foodcourt stated in their brochure.

1. Aling Lucing: The Sisig Queen
2. Chanssel Pizza
3. Baliwag Lechon Manok, atbp
4. Chicken Company
5. Inihaw Express
6. Sizzling Plate
7. Kusina ni Gracia
8. Tropical Hut

Later on, there will be a food tasting activity and I will review it for your references.

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