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Backstage: The Grandest Marketing Event of the Year

D’ Au2nomous Production, a senior marketing class production from Polytechnic University of the Philippines Manila is set to bring the marketing show of the year to the stage. Be seated for this seminar event on emotional engagement as an approach for effective brand messages and stronger brand relationships!

Backstage: The Grandest Marketing Event of the Year

BACKSTAGE: Unveiling the Emotional Spectrum of the Marketing Landscape will be showcasing the play of emotional appeal and other psychological triggers in creating marketing strategies and campaigns. This academic event will highlight how brands leverage emotions, positive and negative feelings, to create connections with audiences and drive consumer behavior. 

The following are the esteemed speakers of BACKSTAGE along with their topics. 

  • Apple Manansala - President of TNC, The New Channel
    “DECIPHER: Unveiling the Metrics and Ethical Aspects of Effective Marketing Campaigns”
  • Alan Fontanilla - CEO and Co-Founder of The Pod Network Entertainment
    “IGNITION: Identifying the Market’s Emotional Triggers”
  • Edgar Joseph Bonagua and John Theodosio - Co-Founders of Madman Creatives
    “EQUIPOISE: Handling the Tightrope of Humor in Marketing”

To make the event more emotionally entertaining, rising Filipino music artists will be joining the event lineup as the performers. 
  • Kat Jaranilla - Singer-Songwriter based in Qatar  
  • ECLYPSE - 7 Member P-Pop Boy Group
  • Jolianne - Singer and Former Contestant from The Voice Kids Philippines Season 2

Event highlights:
  1. Discussions from the marketing field professionals
  2. Interactive question-and-answer segment with the speakers
  3. Mental Health Awareness advocacy
  4. Promotions of partnerships and sponsorships
  5. ADVERTAINMENT: Transform Scenes Into Your Schemes
  6. EMOTIFY: Make Your Own Music Cover Photo

Don’t miss these out on June 22, 2024, at PUP Theater located at College of Communications Building from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Entrance for BACKSTAGE is open for PUP and non-PUP Business Administration students and Marketing and Advertising professionals.

Secure a spot by registering here: https://forms.gle/695XYbVAXQEPL1fK8

For inquiries, contact Shienna Tibayan, 0928 370 0989 or at [email protected].

Stay updated on this event by following the social media accounts of the class production:

See you there, Madlang Marketistas!

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