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Diablo 4 and Lilith is Coming to PS5

Diablo, one of the oldest and most renowned video games of all time is continuing its franchise with a new game - DIABLO 4.  The latest antagonist to this installment of the game is Lilith - finally someone new.

Diablo 4 and Lilith is Coming to PS5
Diablo 4 Screen Capture from IGN

Diablo 4 is more open-world than ever, which is kinda the trend nowadays.

"As you’ve heard by now, Diablo 4 is more open-world than ever, and Blizzard’s implementation works well. Sure, you can wander anywhere you want, but the regions outside of where you’re supposed to be in Act 1 are at a significantly higher level – enough to crush you like a bug for roaming into lands you’re not yet welcome in. (For context, the regions you visit in Act 1 look to be a noticeably small portion of the total land mass of Sanctuary.) But you are heartily encouraged to explore the areas you do belong in, as you’ll earn Renown for discovering new areas, picking up and completing side quests, and more. The more Renown you tally, the better the tangible rewards get – notably in the form of skill points. Furthermore, as you level up, you’ll be able to do things like visit the Alchemist to improve your health potions’ healing ability. Exploring both towns and the open fields of combat alike will yield frequent blue exclamation marks on your map, designating another side quest. The layers here run both wide and deep, again making Diablo 4 feel like an extremely content-rich experience." - Playstation Blog

For fans of Skyrim like me, Diablo 4 is one of the best reasons to have a Playstation 5 before June 2023.  For the first time, the story will be non-linear and give you the option to ignore the storyline and do what you want to do and the game responds to that as well.

Diablo 4 and Lilith is Coming to PS5
Diablo 4 Screen Capture from IGN

"Diablo 4’s classes provide tons of player expression options regardless of what build you’re going for. The game starts by inviting you to choose between ice, fire, or lightning magic worlds. Each element features multiple paths to get to higher abilities, adding a uniqueness deeper than simple attack selection to characters. A new mechanic also offers players two class-exclusive upgrades to choose between after a skill upgrade. For example, with the Barbarian class, there’s the Violent Whirlwind attack, which allows players to cast Whirlwind for a long time. Or they could pick Furious Whirlwind, which inflicts a bleeding effect on anyone swept into the assault."  - Playstation Blog

The class choice of player is also very different and has improved a lot which means all the more to play it.  It offers a new experience, as well as a lot of personalization.

I am too excited about this game and can't wait to buy it come June 5, 2023.

Diablo 4 and Lilith is Coming to PS5
Diablo 4 Screen Capture from IGN

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