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Playtest Upcoming Unreleased Games on G.Round

Join the Development Process, Be Part of the Journey

LOS ANGELES - G.Round, a new online platform giving gamers around the world a chance to playtest unreleased games and shape their development via feedback, has launched in pre-alpha and invites players to register and gain access to a curated and exclusive selection for forthcoming titles. G.Round will expand its activities rapidly as it marches toward full launch in 2021.

What is G.Round?

Playtesters have access to a wide variety of unreleased games from developers all over the world, with new titles going up weekly. Each title stays available for four weeks, during which players can choose what they would like to play for themselves or watch on content creators’ broadcasts. After playing games, they can write reviews and fill out surveys to ensure their  feedback is taken into account by the studios and publishers.

G.Round lets players impact all stages of game development via their opinions. By providing feedback directly through the G.Round platform and Discord server, playtesters will help development teams and publishers understand what they’re doing right and how they can improve their games.


“This is an opportunity for players to check out awesome games and take action to help them see the light of day,” said Rick Nahm, Co-founder and COO at G.Round. “We hope G.Round will be a place for gamers to enjoy curated fantastic games, provide productive feedback and be part of a journey in helping more talented teams and games succeed.”

How do I sign-up?

To sign up as a playtester, please visit the G.Round website. For more information and to stay on top of the latest updates, please join the G.Round Discord or follow @gameroundco on Twitter and the G.Round Community Facebook page.

A strategic partnership with Global Top Round (GTR) enables the G.Round platform to recruit games globally. Global game startup accelerator GTR supports small studios from all over the world with development, publishing and fundraising. Since 2015, GTR has supported more than 50 game studios worldwide via its GTR Accelerator Program, which adds 10 new games every year.

Are you already a member of G.Round? Let us know on the comments below.

About G.Round

Led by a strong team of veterans from the gaming, consulting and investment sector, G.Round is an online community-driven platform connecting game developers and publishers directly with playtesters in top gaming markets worldwide. Gamers can discover and play unreleased outstanding titles during their test periods at no cost. Active members of G.Round will earn G.Points to exchange for in-game rewards, gaming gear and other products, and be invited as special guests to offline gaming events around the world, all expenses paid.

Through G.Round, studios gain valuable market insight data. Collected globally, this data enables developers to find the regions with the greatest market potential for each game, gather data for localization, fine tune game content and present data to our network of publishing and investment partners. G.Round believes it to be most effective to launch each title through informed decisions and data-driven strategies.   

For more information, please visit the G.Round website.

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