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Are you frustrated with PLDT, Globe, Smart, etc?

Are you frustrated with PLDT? Are you tired of reporting to Globe? Is Smart customer service not responding?  How's your luck?

Slow Customer Service Response?

It is a norm for slow customer service response or is it because of the COVID-19 pandemic?  Actually we never know but the fact that most people have to wait 2-3 weeks before their internet or line is fixed is not an excuse.

My experience with my current PLDT line is excellent so far until about 2 months ago.  The line suddenly became intermittent and it was turning on and off especially during the morning.  Is there a bandwidth limiter? Is there a limit to the number of devices connected? This are some of my questions since I am at a home were internet is really needed - for work, for study and for play.

I called the PLDT Customer Hotline 117 and they responded well.  They said it will be repaired but 3 weeks have passed.  What happened?  Whenever, I will try to call again an automated voice message would tell me my request would be followed up.  I can't even talked to a live customer service representative.

If that is the case then try PLDT Cares on Twitter, which will respond.  Well, they will and then give you the same scripted message with a request to rate them if they did well.

Am I alone? Are you affected too?

I am sure Converge ICT Solution customers would say I am not alone because they are experiencing it too.  The fact is the downtime of converge which is probably the worst in their young history is an occurrence that is being experienced by other telco clients on a day to day basis. I am sure you know why PLDT is also called PLDC or Palaging Disconnected.

A fellow blogger, Ross del Rosario aka Pambansang Blogger is also lamenting the same situation.

This is sad indeed. What about you?  Are you experiencing the same issues?

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