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World of Dragon Nest Review (Release Version)

Hi everyone, last August 2019 we made a review of World of Dragon Nest during its Closed Beta Release (OBT).  During that review, we made some positive comments as well as some suggestions regarding the game.  Now that the game is officially released, let us review it once again and say a bit of what we like and some suggestions too.

What I like about World of Dragon Nest

Open World.   

Like what I have shared before, one of the things I like the most is this game is Open World.  You can see and interact with fellow players whether you are at the town or at the field doing missions except for Dungeons and Nest.  This makes the game more engaging and increases its life span.

Interactions like DUEL, PLAY WITH PET, and CROSS BREEDING are additional functions that make people more sociable within the game even if they are not friends or not from the same guild.

RedCloud Guild enjoying the Spa at Saint Haven

Reward System

Unlike the PC version of Dragon Nest, the World of Dragon Nest brings something new to the game - rewards.  Previously daily, weekly and other quests are harder.  You have to go to each nest or talk to specific NPCs to achieve it but now it is on one easy-to-access tab.

Moreover, leveling and grinding in the World of Dragon Nest is not as boring as before.  You earn gold, drops, and rewards from doing them.

Taking In-game Photos

If there is one thing I like is the improvement in taking in-game photos. Memories are very meaningful and important to me during games like this because it serves as a bonding time for my kids and my partner in life.

Game Activities

My gf and me enjoying the spa (MasterPogiPH x Ranne)

Let us talk about game activities, things that I did not even attempt to do in Dragon Nest before and which I do enjoy now.  I did not dare do farming or production before because it is too hard to understand and complicated but now I am doing it.  Sailing, fishing, cultivating and item creation are things that make this game more fun and exciting.

Guild System

RedCloud prepares for the Guild War - Team Fight

Though there are things to be improved, I personally like the guild system in World of Dragon Nest.  There is no way someone can steal your guild contribution or an item from the guild storage.  In the PC game members can store their items on the guild storage or donate money and then sometimes a guild officer will just steal them and run away.

I like the Guild War and the different options for it.  It was my first time to join a Guild War in Dragon Nest since I was not given a chance to participate in the PC version.

Guild War - RedCloud vs Valiant

Developer Responsiveness

If there is one thing that I admire in this game and the PC version is the fact that both developers are responsive.  Sure there will always be bugs and some unsportsmanlike games will abuse it to their own ends but like Cherry Credits and now Nexon, they are able to help fix the bugs and restore confidence in the players.  I am sure that if they continue being responsive this game will surely be a success.

It is sad that most gamers fail to see beyond their own self and rated it just 2.5 in the Google Play Store. World of Dragon Nest has a total of 113,382 and given 2.5 stars.  Most complain relate to bugs which I do not understand.  Games will have bugs especially a game like this which tries to break the standards of MMORPG Open World in mobile.  If we truly are gamers, we should support the game, uplift it and not just rant and rant and see just the negativities.

Suggestions for World of Dragon Nest

Improvement in Guild War

Mismatch. One of the things that Nexon should also improve is the matchmaking for the Guild War.  It is unfair for a high ranking guild whose members are way too powerful in terms of CP to fight a lower-ranked guild, especially in Team War.

Our suggestion is for the match to have a limit of the level gap and CP average gap wherein you cannot challenge someone way lower than you.  This way high ranking guilds and very powerful guilds cannot bully others and abuse the gap.  

War Acceptance.  Each guild should be given the ability to accept or decline a challenge for guild war.  They can be given at least one time to decline and once a guild is declined they cannot challenge that same guild again.

Guild War Time.  The time for guild war should be very clear and if a guild will have 2 guild war it should be at least 30 minutes separate from each other.  This will allow the guild to strategize and avoid a loss.  

Perhaps Nexon wants the guild to divide the guild between the two wars thinking that there will be more than 30 online but the fact is not everyone in a guild is active.  They could also be trying to involve every guild member so that not only the strong get a chance to join guild wars.

 Bug Reporting

I do not know how it is done but there should be a clear way to report bugs and issues.  When there is a report, verify it and then fix it.  I am not saying that this is not being done but it should be maintained and well communicated to players.

Emulator Issues

I wonder if there is a way to prevent emulators from accessing and playing World of Dragon Nest.  Emulators open up a lot of exploits in the game which is not fair to mobile gamers.  A mobile game should just be for mobile and not accessible through PC or laptop via emulators.

Costume Acquisition

I already have 3 cosume pices of the same part due to Random Gacha

I am not convinced of the current costume acquisition where everything depends on the roll of the gacha.  There should be costumes where you can readily buy as a set without making it random just like the PC version of Dragon Nest.  Reserve the gacha luck for premium costumes and items.

This way more people will purchase costumes, mounts, and other items.

Game Lag

I am observing this in dungeons and activities with a lot of people participating like the Sea Dragon Raid and even during Guild War.  The developers should work on reducing lag and improving gameplay.  I am not sure if this is really the fault of the developers or an internet or mobile phone issue.  What do you think?

Conclusion and Rating for World of Dragon Nest

As of now, I am giving this game 3.5/5.0.  There are things to improve and World of Dragon Nest has a long way to go.  I love playing the game and will continue to play as MasterPogiPH for Karahan Server under the guild RedCloud.

If you have feedback about the game which is not covered here or you want to add something feel free to add it on the comments section below.

Don't forget to visit their Facebook page for updates on World of Dragon Nest.

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