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World Dragon Nest Review and Gameplay (CBT)

The Close Beta Test (CBT) for the World of Dragon Nest is officially over and people are already excited for its Open Beta or perhaps an Alpha Release already. Dragon Nest is perhaps one of the most successful MMORPG since Ragnarok which has reached critical acclaim but in time dwindled due to various issues and management changes.  Can World of Dragon Nest make this game as epic and even surpass its popularity more than ever?

What's New with World of Dragon Nest?


This might be the same feel and somehow the same story line but this game adds tons of new things to the game we love,

Open World.  Perhaps the greatest reveal is the fact that this is now an open world.  You see fellow players as you complete quests unlike before where you only see yourself and party members.  It makes the game more exciting and more MMORPG like.  It also makes it more exciting when OBT comes.

New Progression System.  The progression system of a character in the World of Dragon Nest is pretty new and makes your previous knowledge of the job system obsolete.  I think this is a good addition since it will make the game more exciting to play.  It is a new thing to explore and a new experience for everyone especially for previous players.

For those who want to know more about this new system you can watch the video below.

What I like About World of Dragon Nest

As a previous player of Drahon Nest in the PC here are some features that I like.

  • Feels like a PC game.  The graphics, the town, the movement, the fight and others feels like you are playing a PC game.  The graphics was good and I commend the developers for doing such a good job.
  • Gifting.  The gifting was awesome.  No more walking around finding those NPCs to gift.
  • Enhancing, Smithing, etc.  This system was also very good.  All you have to do is click the menu and do your thing.  Not that I am not missing the famous Blacksmiths of Dragon Nest but the changes makes it a lot easier.
  • New Progression System.  I love it though honestly I only manage to get to Level 18 due to work constraints.
  • Gender.  Finally, this is the main suggestion we have for Dragon Nest way way back and I am so glad it is now a reality.


Some Suggestions for World of Dragon Nest

Here are some suggestions worth considering based on my experience and some of my friends experience.

  • Improve the Guild System.  I hope that players donation to the guild would be more secure in case someone kicked them out after donating.  Increae the initial number of Guild Members and please please plese make an epic Guild War come true.
  • Game FPS.  The game frame rate is still a bit lower, I hope that the highest graphics quality option would improve the FPS.
  • Livestream and Instream rewards.  I hope that Nexon would give a big boost for livestreamers and watchers of World of Dragon Nest by providing rewards to them.  Please :) 


Can't Wait to Play OBT!


Well, honestly, I just can't wait to play it finally.  If you have feedback about the game which is not covered here or you want to add something feel free to add it on the comments section below.

You can also share your feedback by answering their official questionnaire
✍️ Questionnaire > https://bit.ly/2YKEvp6
* The questionnaire should take about 5 minutes to finish.

Found bugs during the CBT?  Then report it and get rewards.

Don't forget to visit their Facebook page for updates on World of Dragon Nest.

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