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Airbnb Host's Bad Experience

 We just saw a post about a host's experience with Airbnb.  She was removed from app participation and he super host status was revoked all because of a malicious complaint which the company does not seem to actually investigate.

A Host's Bad Experience with Airbnb

The problem was simple, a guest thought that a smoke detector with tbe brand "PHOTO" was actually a surveillance mechanism or camera.  The guest then reported it to Airbnb.  Read through the post below and tell us what you think.

Personally, we think this is sad and very unprofessional for Airbnb.

Ironically... the guy on a mission proved himself right? Airbnb made this drastic decision to ban me without much investigation. I am totally weirded out by all this. #BlackMirror

Do you have similar experience like this?  Share it with us.  We just hope that everything will be resolved properly.

Enjoy travelling!

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