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Mobile Legends Adventure RPG

Are you ready to experience something new from Mobile Legends?  Mobile Legends: Adventure is an IDLE RPG set in the Mobile Legends universe. Gather a select group of heroes in this well-known MOBA saga to lead them on the path to glory in the Land of the Dawn. In this adventure your mission is to instantly wipe out anyone who crosses your path.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Sequel

Mobile Legends: Adventures is the sequel game to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Apart from being an AFK (Away-From-Keyboard) game, the game also features premium status and Gacha-type of collecting characters. Expect that in order to get stronger at a faster pace, you might need to spend real money.
  • Carefree Idle Gameplay – Go idle and you can get resources, upgrades, and other rewards
  • Endless Stages – There are a few things that you can do other than just going AFK. You can go through the campaign scenarios, labyrinth, Tower of Babel, and many more.
  • Summon Heroes – You can summon heroes that range from the most common type to the rarest one.
  • PvP system – You can challenge other players and form a Guild with other people to challenge the Guild Boss together.
  • Every character has a specific skill when battling. You can choose to fight manually and press them on your own or choose to auto-battle instead.
  • Characters in this game are based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang so expect that the heroes from that game are obtainable here as well.

Mobile Legends Adventure Game Mechanics


The mechanics backing Mobile Legends: Adventure are very simple. Create your group of heroes and strategically train up their skills. In order to look up each of your characters' stats, open up their hero file; then train them to improve their skills and create an invincible posse.

In this adventure, your characters automatically attack and you increase their movement speed to face off against any rival without even having to touch your smartphone. One of the great advantages in Mobile Legends: Adventure is that you can win resources without having to be active. Plus you can accumulate all sorts of advantages while you rest, or even totally close the game then reap your rewards.

Fight with more than a hundred characters that you unlock as you advance through different levels. Find your perfect squad and challenge thousands of players around the world in this action-packed adventure.

You can visit the official Facebook page of Mobile Legends Adventure for more details.

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