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Mobile Legends Adventure Gameplay and Review

We played MOBILE LEGENDS ADVENTURE the first day it came out of Google Play.  It was said to be the sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and well, an attempt of Moontoon to get more players playing their most popular game.  Here is our Mobile Legends Adventure Gameplay and Review video.

Mobile Legends Adventure Gameplay and Review Video

This is a live we made via Red Cloud Gaming and Esports, August 1, 2019 to test Mobile Legends Adventure.

Mobile Legends Adventure Initial Review

Story.  The story seems to be something which is interesting to know.  Although we never really have a very strong idea of how all these heroes are related to one another.

Gameplay.  The gameplay is pretty easu and very similar to other game genre of its kind.  You have to collect the heroes, level them up, put and upgrade equipment and complete challenges.  It is definitely something less stressful than dealing with all the cancer at Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Graphics.  I love the graphics.  All the heroes are cute and adorable.

Cons.  Here are some things that I did notice:

  • The game seems to lag at some point.
  • There is a limit to chapter progression by level.  I do not know if it is good or bad but it prohibits you from playing continously.
  • As for the Arena, I am not sure whether you are really competing with other players, if it is ranked or not and how do you battle continously?  Seems like you have to pay or something.
There are all initial reviews and it can change.  For now, I am giving Mobile Legends Adventure a rating of 3.5/5.0.

What do you think of Mobile Legends Adventure?  Share your feedback in the comment section below.

For more details about the game visit our Game Announcement for Mobile Legends Adventure.

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