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SEALTEAM PEENOISE Wins Big at the RosNimoTV Philippine Champions League S1

Closing out the country’s grandest Rules of Survival tournament

  • SEALTEAM PEENOISE is crowned the ROS-NimoTV Champions League S1 champions after an intense Grand Finals.
  • The champions walk away with PHP 100,000 in cash prizes as well as four Monster-M1 in-game vehicles.
  • The Grand Finals featured the country’s 15 best Rules of Survival squads live from Mineski Infinity Taft-Madison, on December 15, 2018.

MANILA, Philippines, December 19, 2018 — The ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1, the Philippines’ grandest Rules of Survival tournament has finally concluded!

The tournament which kicked off formally on December 1, 2018, wrapped up with the Grand Finals event this past weekend on December 15, 2018, live from the Mineski Infinity Taft-Madison branch. The final fifteen combatants locked in heated battle royale action as they fought for the right to be crowned the first ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 champions.

ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 Results

SEALTEAM PEENOISE rose up over the rest of the competing teams to claim their rightful seat at the top of professional Rules of Survival. They have undoubtedly proven that they are the current strongest RoS squad in the Philippines. SEALTEAM PEENOISE walk away with the grand cash prize of PHP 100,000 as well as four Monster-M1 in-game vehicles.


  • 2nd Place: Savage Gaming
  • 3rd Place: TEAM MARSHALL
  • 4th Place: ComeBack
  • 5th Place: Evo Groundz
  • 6th Place: X3.IDEAS

MET and NimoTV

MET, the number one esports event organizer, worked together with broadcasting platform, NimoTV, and NetEase, in order to provide the RoS squads of the Philippines a proper stage to show off their true skills.

The curtains close on the grandest Rules of Survival tournament in the Philippines with SEALTEAM PEENOISE reigning as the first ever champion of the tournament. In a game of true survival where teams shot their way to victory, SEALTEAM PEENOISE has proven that they the undisputed RoS kings.

• More information: met.events/
• Follow MET for more esports tournaments: facebook.com/OrganizedbyMET

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