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Intel® Game Dev Program

Join the Intel® Game Dev Program and get access to tools and tutorials that help you imagine, plan, and design your game. Use free libraries, performance analyzers, and other tools to help you code more efficiently and optimize your game for improved performance on Intel® architecture. Access exclusive code samples and get inspired by go-to-market guides written by game developers.

Intel® Game Dev Program

It seems like Intel is making its biggest show of support for game developers by offering their very own game developer program. They are offering a certification, "Runs Great on Intel® technology certification."  Members of the program can stay up to date on ways to improve your game performance with Intel® technology, and gain access to free optimization and QA testing tools. Once you're awarded the Runs Great on Intel technology certification, you can launch your game with confidence.

Another great thing about this program is they offer tools to help you become an entrepreneur.  Grow from developer to entrepreneur with program resources, networking opportunities, events, and contests that can extend your reach around the globe. Get your game certified to be eligible for a variety of sales and promotional activities, including publishing with Green Man Gaming and added exposure in retail stores and software bundles.

Benefits of Joining

Get Ready  

  • Read online content and follow self-paced videos  
  • Download Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers to improve frame rates and game performance
  • Connect with Intel engineers and game development experts for troubleshooting and feedback  
  • Join a community of developers interested in sharing expertise and experience  
  • Receive invitations to Intel GameDev events and workshops  
  • Become an Intel® Innovator for game development to get early insight and access to the latest technology  
  • Participate in contests and hackathons sponsored by Intel  

Get Noticed  

  • Submit your game for certification by Intel  
  • Upload your project to Developer Mesh for community feedback and support  
  • Get featured in the Intel GameDev community  

Get Big  

  • Connect with Intel for opportunities to showcase new games and technologies  
  • Reach a worldwide audience with go-to-market support  
  • Receive sales and promotional opportunities from Intel and its partners  
  • Become eligible to have your game and/or company included in articles that feature developers  
  • Get invited to speak at an Intel sponsored event  
  • Receive opportunities to showcase your game at an Intel sponsored event
For more information on how to join the  Intel® Game Dev Program please visit https://software.intel.com/en-us/gamedev/join.

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