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Tamago Live Closes Down

Live streaming site Tamago is closing down.  Their main website announces the decision earlier citing various reasons but most notably is perhaps their inability to have any financial gain from the streaming site.  What caused the demise of Tamago Live?

First Victim of Facebook Gaming?

Is Tamago Live the first victim of Facebook Gaming?  Facebook recently launched their new platform for streamers and gamers through Facebook Gaming.  They also offer a program called Facebook Gaming Level Up Program which promises to give a share of income to active streamers.

Facebook also created a streamer's page wherein, streamers can monitor and track the insights and statistics of their stream.  This page event looks very similar to Twitch.

What Really Causes Tamago Closing?

Well, we don't really know but the competition between streaming sites is really getting bigger and more difficult.  The entry of Facebook to this field is something that will surely create a disruption.

Who do you think will be next?  Will Twitch eventually be a victim too?

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