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Worst Experience with Globe Broadband?

Weeks ago I decided to terminate my account with Globe Broadband because of almost NO INTERNET CONNECTION since April 2017.  Despite of repeated requests to fix the line and repair the connection, I was not accorded any site visit.  There was one where the cable was replaced which later on seems to have caused a short circuit on the phone and dangerously could have set our house on fire.

Bayantel to Globe

I applied for a Bayantel line in 2014 since Valenzuela receives the best signal and connection from them.  I never had a single problem in my less than 2 years stay with the company.  The internet connection was just 2Mbps and it was fast enough for what I need it for.

Globe then acquired the assets of Bayantel in 2014 or so I thought.  Bayantel subscribers were not really told that the takeover occurred beginning 2012 and Bayan continue to sell subscription under their name.

Nealy a month after the full takeover of Globe, our internet connection began to slow down although it was still manageable.  We see a significant slowing down of the connection.

In January 2017, we transferred to a new apartment around 500 meters from our previous location and I asked Globe to TRANSFER my internet connection.  They told me that I have to settle all balances before they could transfer it to the new location and so I did.

After several follow-ups, the connection was finally transferred.  During that time we were not informed of any additional fees nor modification to the previous Bayantel contract we had.

Globe Intenet Dilemma

After the transfer our Globe internet dilemma began:

1. We were charged for 2 accounts.  One the old Bayantel and another new account.  The fee accumulated and then we noticed it.  I clarified to Globe that I just transferred my old Bayantel account and not asked for a new installation.  I told them to cut the new account and maintain my existing Bayantel account.

2. In April 2017 our internet connection stopped.  We had no internet connection.  We continuously followed up with Globe about this and their usual spiel was that there were a technical upgrade and maintenance going on.  This persists until December 2017.

3. After the internet went back, we were given a very slow connection of less than an Mb upload and download.  As we contact the Customer Service again the same reason was given. The connection remains intermittent until the rest of 2018 with the same reason being given.

4. In February 2018 the phone short circuited and almost caught fire, luckily there was someone at home. I reported this once again.  It was again delayed due to the same reason of technical enhancement.

5.  After being feed up with the internet I asked for an upgrade to another Globe and faster plan.  After a week I was informed that there are no available upgrade plans on our area.

6.  Tired and fed up with my internet I asked for a disconnection on April via @tak2Globe.

7. In May, I received an e-mail from Globe saying that I have to fee almost Php7k or else it will be passed to the Credit Information Corporation.  I called Globe Customer Service and narrated the whole story.  They told me that they will adjust my bill and process the disconnection.

8.  I received an e-mail saying that my bill adjustment was being processed and to wait for another e-mail for the result.  No e-mail was ever sent.

9.  I received a text that my credit was referred to a collection agency and I should pay more than Php7.000.  I also checked my bill and saw that there was no adjustment and instead I was charged a pre-termination fee.

10.  I tried calling Globe Customer Support but my phone number and account was no longer available.

11.  I informed this to @talk2Globe and Twitter and was still frustrated with all the reply and what was given to me especially the fact that they are insisting my account was on a 24-month lock-in period where in fact it was just transferred.

The screenshots above does not even the countless of hours and long conversation I had with Globe Customer Service in an effort to make all these things work BUT TO NO AVAIL.

The customer is Suffering from Such a Service

I do not know if I am the only Globe customer suffering from all of these.  It was so terrible that despite all the hardship and show of loyalty to the network that I had, I have to undergo this dilemma.  I was even asked to pay for services that I did not even use fruitfully.

What should I do at this juncture?  I would not pay that pre-termination fee nor charges, why should I?

This is really my worst experience with Globe Broadband.

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  1. well.. looks like im not getting globe then...

  2. Something similar happened to me but with PLDT. Hence I moved to Globe. So far so good for about 10 years.

    I'm a Globe User Council but I still know that these things happen.

    Sadly, with Smart or Globe, we are mere account numbers to them. Loyalty doesn't count. If I may suggest, go to a local computer shop on your area and do a survey. Ask which provider they have and see if the service is good. Then switch.

    This article will be very helpful especially for people around your area. All the best, buddy.

    - TUW of uglywriters.com

    1. Thanks for the reply. Since you are part of a Globe User Council perhaps you can help me with this. The saddest part is being reported as bad credit. Paano ako magbabayad eh di naman ako nakinabang sa internet. I switched to PLDT Fibr already, I do want to remain with Globe but wala choice talaga.

  3. Would it be okay if I share this with them? I would also need to provide some details. Hit me up at [email protected]. Drop your number there and I'll reply you mine. The team coordinate thru Viber btw

    1. Yes please do. I am also reporting this to NTC. Thanks a lot.

  4. I already sent an e-mail complaint to the NTC regarding this. I am hoping that there will be an action.

  5. We have the same issue, we contacted globe many times and gave us different answers. They just cut our internet line with no notification or whatsoever. It's been a month with no internet. I'm planning to transfer a better service.

  6. I have the same issue, and they didnt even bother to fix their damaged copper wires for 3 months. Now the collection agency is asking me to pay the balance that has reached into P8000, they continue to bill me after i requested for a termination. Globe needs to stop doing this shit to their consumers!

    Did you pay your outstanding balance?

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply. I did not pay for any outstanding balance. How was your case? Did you resolve it?

  7. Hi I also called globe today to terminate the service and I was told I need to pay almost 9k including the eaely termination fee and past due amount.. If I'll just let it be an not pay for it at all they'll just gonna terminate it automatically right?

    1. No, you will still be asked to pay and a collection agency will be the one calling you. Better ask NTC's help.

  8. i requested also a termination but until now, our bill are increasing and now its already 7k

    1. Email the NTC, they can help you with cases like this and attach all available documents. Did you resolve the issue?

  9. yoww. what would i do? we decided to disconnect it couz our bill are increasing even we have only 2 gadgets that are connected to our wifi. LOL

    1. This might not be a valid issue. Better check the connections since probably there are other connecting to your wifi.

  10. NTC complaint is the solution, and list all the issues and why the bill wasnt paid because you had no service and poor service . No way you should pay that bill

  11. Hi, how did you complain to the NTC?